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  1. Cynthia Knisely on · Reply

    Great review. I never knew a lot about what you discussed. Makes me kinda afraid to fly

  2. Teresa Miller on · Reply

    In my opinion, you’re more likely to catch something contagious on a cruise ship than on an airplain. I’ve been on several cruises and I see the staff cleaning the ship everyday, top to bottom, however, people still contract contagious viruses more often than they would on an airplain.

  3. Rhonda Stefani on · Reply

    Ughh, not crazy about airplanes in the 1st place, now even less so! Thank you for the article, very informative! I’ll definitely be bringing the wipes& hand sanitizer! ☺

  4. anna donato on · Reply

    I carry my own red blanket on every flight and wash it before my return flight. then I never have to worry about using the airline blankets.

  5. Ying Xian on · Reply

    A good reminder of the myths and facts of air travel hygiene. It’s always hard to ensure that one has prepared the essentials since the regulations of hand-carry LAGs is very strict, so what I do is to sanitise my hands with hand sanitiser once I reach my seat, before eating anything, and before and after using the washroom (which I seldom use on aircrafts anyway).

  6. robinkristin on · Reply

    It is so important to protect yourself from germs when you fly (or do anything really). People don’t wash their hands and go touching everything around them!

  7. Alexis T on · Reply

    As a frequent flyer I have incorporated protection measures for myself. I always have a small package of disinfectant wipes – try your dollar store – they have smaller sizes.

  8. Kaye Newman on · Reply

    This was a very informative article. I had no idea that airlines do not clean everything after every flight. I will be extra cautious next time I fly. Thanks so much for the information.

  9. Sakshi B on · Reply

    Very insightful information.. I have never travelled in my life but I will keep this article in mind now! 🙂

  10. Gisinil on · Reply

    Good points. All you can really do is wash your hands and try not to add to the problem. 🙂

  11. gloria patterson on · Reply

    I have to say there was a lot of good information here. But I have never worried to much about germs on a plane.

  12. Sandra Watts on · Reply

    I have never flown but I would be sure to take precautions if I ever do, that is for sure.

  13. Anita Mitchell on · Reply

    A pack of disinfectant wipes will be carried with me from now on,lol…. I hate germs,lol

  14. Darla Peduzzi on · Reply

    Very informative post. I never thought of some of these things, but I think I will bring my own pillow/head rest from now on though.

  15. Victoria Gormley on · Reply

    Wow, I’ve been on planes before but never really thought about the amount of dirt and germs. Makes me think about everywhere….

  16. Thanks for this Review. I never knew about the cleaning of the plane I thought they had to be deep cleaned or something. Now I know what is cleaned properly an whats not.

  17. dawn damrow on · Reply

    Thank you for this informative article. Sounds like you produce some quality products/

  18. few really import things for me on a flight are disinfectant wipes ,moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm. wipes to clean the skin and all the rest of the products to mosturize. since flights have very low humidity and are extremely drying, we have to go an extra mile to hydrate. In the end drink lots and lots of WATER, to hydrate from inside while all the products work on the outside.

  19. M.Clark on · Reply

    I did not know that airplanes are so dirty. I will be sure to bring my own pillow and hand sanitizer when I travel. Thank you for sharing this post.

  20. Gabrielle on · Reply

    This is an excellent article. Ultimately, it sure seems like all the responsibility for remaining healthy on a flight is borne by the passenger.

  21. Janice Santillo on · Reply

    Interesting article. I learned a lot about airplane germs ans how to help protect myself.

  22. Nicole Acuna on · Reply

    Thank you so much for these tips I found them extremely helpful, i frequently fly with little ones and im constantly paranoid about their health and mine during these flights.

  23. Susan Patterson on · Reply

    I was interested to find out the cabin air is not a dangerous health hazard! I always believed that we got sick from the air around us on the plane but instead germs can come from the trays, upholster seats, arm rests and bathroom handles, etc.. Orogold cleans their planes between each flight, whereas other airlines may not clean as often.

  24. John Thuku on · Reply

    I did not know that they clean the plane after 30 days of service. That is a really long time. Wouldn’t it be better to do that after 10 days or even 15 days?

  25. Sona D. Mohammadi on · Reply

    I have never been very sensitive about germs on planes, but I think taking basic precautions can’t hurt.

  26. Natalia gonzalez on · Reply

    Because of my work I tend to travel once or twice a month and the only time I have seen an airplane been cleaned was when a passenger had chickenpox. I was thankfull that the plain was been cleand for the new passangers, but I could not srop thinking about those who traveled with this sick person.

  27. PATTI SALINGER on · Reply

    I am sure airplanes are a hot bed of germs…All those people sneezing, changing baby diapers…..

  28. SHARON MARTIN on · Reply


  29. Thanks for all the helpful information. I would love to fly more but money is always an issue but it is great to know that the air isn’t a problem like so many times I have heard in the past.

  30. jodie c on · Reply

    It’s really worrying… any wonder we all feel groggy and get I’ll on planes!
    I always make sure I bring wipes…. I also find my skin gets incredibly dry on flights, and make sure I always bring my orogold moisturizer with me, otherwise post flight I have severely dehydrated skin and brake out.

  31. Laura Sorvillo on · Reply

    I just want to say thank you for all the valuable information.Some very interesting facts that I will take to heart.Thanks so much,very informative.

  32. Christine Holliday on · Reply

    It doesn’t bother me to use airline products, it has never hurt me before.

  33. ouida stokes on · Reply

    These are definitely things you do not want to know but they are things you definitely need to know. Makes you not want to fly. Driving is looking much better for vacations this year. Thanks for the review. Definitely learned more than I wanted to.

  34. Rebecca Kellerman on · Reply

    I knew that things aren’t as clean as they seem, but this is a really good thing to share for everyone!

  35. bernardina sims on · Reply

    Thank you for clarifying on the air on airplanes, since I believed it was very bad for you inhaling everyone’s germs! I feel much better.

  36. Marlene V on · Reply

    Thanks for all the great tips. There is nothing worse then going on vacation and getting sick as soon as you arrive to your destination!

  37. Calshondra Williams on · Reply

    This article on Airplane myths was very informative. It answered some of the questions I wanted to know. I may just have to go and hop on an airplane.

  38. Shirley Smith on · Reply

    There were some very helpful hints here, That I cannot wait to try out on my next flight. I always carry wipes with me everywhere I go. And I never use the planes pillows or blankets..

  39. Kimberly M. on · Reply

    I have never flown before but will be taking my first flight this November. These will be handy “helpful” hints to protect me and my friend from getting keeping us safe from all those nasty germs.

  40. Aliya D on · Reply

    I travel a lot, for business and for pleasure so do appreciate your post above. I always carry anti-bacterial wipes and gel with me which is tremendously helpful getting through security, and the actual flight itself (I hate using the airplane bathroom!). I am quite shocked by the fact that airlines control how often a plane is cleaned thoroughly; every 30 days is nowhere near satisfactory and especially NOT when there could be thousands of people transported on any one given plane over that period. After 100+ flights, I have to say that I’ve never seen anything truly terrible, germy or dirty (except the one time on a flight from Dubai to Dar es salaam, but that was ignorant, back-wards people/passengers not knowing how to flush a toilet).

  41. kendal strandberg on · Reply

    Always was already paranoid enough about the air on planes. Turns out the seats are even worse! Can’t believe the standard of cleanliness is so low. Absolutely disgusted tbh

  42. Carmelita Dorsey on · Reply

    I am terrified of flying so I will add these to my “even more reasons not to fly” list 😉

  43. A'nna Irby on · Reply

    The last paragraph is so Important! You can get germs anywhere and you can always avoid them! Their are plenty of precautions to take in order to avoid getting sick!

  44. Tea Šainović on · Reply

    Very informative post. I always carry a pack of disinfectant wipes with me.

  45. I usually get sick with a cold when I travel but I think it’s more to do with being around people at the airport. I just try to be mindful about cleaning my hand more!

  46. wonderful gives relief for lots of travelers. makes me feel that my family that works overseas will be safer on planes

  47. Reava Bennett on · Reply

    Great tips. I have never flown before so I will definitely keep these in mind. I cannot stand to be confined in a small space with a lot of people for a long period of time so that’s why I’ve probably never flown before.

  48. A very interesting article.I don’t fly often but the same is probably true for all public transportation and
    your helpful advice could be applied there as well.Thanks!

  49. I was only thinking about plane crash, not about dirty. I will try your advices on my next flight.

  50. I will be traveling with a child that has a compromised immune system, this article was very informative, thank you!

  51. Elaine Powell on · Reply

    our son keeps telling us we need to experience a flight at least once. this is good info to know before we travel.

  52. Tenley Erickson on · Reply

    I have long had concerns about traveling with my family on a plane. Good tips here on how we can at least try to avoid so many of the germs/bacteria we come in contact with. Wipes are a big help in these types of situations.

  53. Carol Trautwein on · Reply

    I always wonder about those pillows and blankets, now I see it is better to not use them & bring your own. I definitely will bring those wipes!

  54. Kristina O on · Reply

    Thank you for this informative article. This definitely dispelled some myths for me! As I am one who is always cold on flights, I will be bringing my own small pillow (can fit it in my carry-on) and a warm jacket from now on.

  55. REBECCA ROOT on · Reply

    You can never be to safe! I always carry wipes around with me and hand sanitizer!

  56. Thanks for the info. Common sense and frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing keeps us healthy.

  57. Wanda McHenry on · Reply

    I don’t like flying, you never know what is hovering around. I never have the air blowing on us while my husband and I travel, when we have too. As far as the plane being thoroughly cleaned, I don’t think it’s as cleaned as a hotel maid who cleans your things with a toilet and then wipes your counters, etc.

  58. Ever since 911, I’ve been afraid to fly. But, I would think the airlines would do a better job of cleaning the aircraft in between flights(changing pillow cases, etc.).

  59. Dagmar Finch on · Reply

    I’m a nurse and know how hospitals are cleaned. I know the laundry does everything in their power to kill whatever might be on blankets, sheets etc. I imagine it’s the same services that do airline laundry. So I don’t worry about viruses etc when I’m on a plane. Keep your wipes handy, wipe stuff before you use it. As long as you do your part, wash your hands right, use the sanitizers etc. you should be just fine.

  60. Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean germs can be transferred a number of ways. I feel like people try to scare others with articles like these sadly. Because come on, we have been flying for years and years now no big epidemic has happened yet that we cant control because we have airplanes right? we all touch door knobs that have sooo many days since been cleaned and we are okay right? Yes we are fine! Keep cleaning though it does help!

  61. Lisa Coomer Queen on · Reply

    I don’t fly much but I will certainly remember all this when I do. This was some great information shared. Thanks.

  62. Carol Burgess on · Reply

    Awesome review. I always bring sanitizer, wipes, and even disposable gloves sometimes

  63. karin hoffman on · Reply

    Wow lots of great info that I didn’t know… I don’t fly often but I’m better educated now if I do. Thanks

  64. Kathleen Gereg on · Reply

    Just think of how many people touch the top of the aisle seats as they are boarding and exiting??…yuk!

  65. Veronica Simpson on · Reply

    Had no idea that airplanes could be so disgusting, so wonder diseases are so easily transferred from riding airplanes. Definitely raised my awareness, Thanks OroGold!!!!

  66. Linda Davidson-Poplees on · Reply

    Great review, I found it so helpful. These days we really have to think about germs and trying to be very careful to take precautions.

  67. Catherine Guzik on · Reply

    If we all would just be aware of the things in the above articles we all would stay much healthier on our flights to FUN. Thanks for publishing such useful information.

  68. Nora Grahe on · Reply

    Thank You for this article. It is vitally important to get the message out there and this review is right on. I have family in the airline industry and I have been aware of more than I want to think about and it is very frightening. Having a immune deficiency disorder, I am in more diligent than some and I try hard to do the best I can yet it is so very frightening, Thank You.

  69. Arianne Mae C Capaciete on · Reply

    I learned a lot about airplane germs ans how to help protect myself.

  70. DEBRA DUBOIS on · Reply

    This is great information I do not get the chance to travel but I did enjoy the video and if I travel in the future I will keep this in mind…. THANKS!

  71. liesje marie fennimore on · Reply

    ADDITIONAL reasons I prefer to drive in my own car… I will continue to avoid airplanes & the article makes me think why would anyone pay to be in such an uncomfortable situation for hours..never mind the airport issues

  72. Learning that planes are cleaned once every 30 days is disturbing. I always clean and disinfect my seat and surrounding areas. You should see how gross the cloth is after I wipe down my seating area

  73. This is amazing!, great review by the way.. I would have never thought about so many germs being on a plane, You think you enter in and its clean looking , where are the germs but you really never know do you… And I also have some wipes on me, I buy cheap brands and add a few drops of tea tree and peppermint oil to it..

  74. Tara McClenic on · Reply

    I don’t fly very often, but when I do, I take antibacterial wipes with me & clean off the arm rests & tray before I get into my seat. I have not been on a flight that is long enough to where I would need a pillow or blanket, but I would feel hesitant to use them.

  75. Dana Morin on · Reply

    I did not no that the plane is usually only cleaned every 30 days, good to know I definitely will be more cautious and protect my family!

  76. Eustacia Miliusis on · Reply

    This post presents some good guidelines to follow to help stay healthy while traveling. It is so disappointing to get sick while traveling, especially if it is during a long-planned for vacation to an exciting location.

  77. Cana Roxana Constanta on · Reply

    Very valuable information, especially because I will fly on 21st july to London and I will consider this so I don’t get sick.

  78. Mary Be on · Reply

    A lot of good information. A few years ago when traveling international I bought a neck pillow because you never know if you are going to get one handed to you or not, plus like it says above, not sure if it was cleaned. I also bring my own micro fiber blanket that it rolls up small enough to fit in my bag.

  79. Charlene Lucas on · Reply

    Great review and although most of the information should be common sense, sense is not always common so its good to have it detailed this way!

  80. Mitzi Schreadley on · Reply

    My husband and I fly on just about every vacation. He is a helicopter paramedic for a large level 1 trauma center in our area and we are VERY aware of the germs we encounter flying. WE ALWAYS WEAR A MASK! We get a lot of strange looks, but we never get sick! We also use the wipes on everything.

  81. I love Oro Gold’s products. I suffer from Acne and the exfoliator cream helps clear my breakouts. I have been using the products for years.

  82. Ruzanna on · Reply

    This is why I always have hand sanitizer wipes and wash my hands and face so much. People use the restroom and most of them don’t even care to wash their hands and touch everywhere and everything. Ugh

  83. Rita Allison on · Reply

    Flying is scary for all kinds of reasons, but I especially don’t like re-breathing air from so many people that I don’t know and you can see the skin particles floating in the air in the sun light, hate thinking I am breathing all that.

  84. Kricket Fountain on · Reply

    Loved the review, it will come in handy the next time I fly! I think it’s kind of gross that planes possibly go as long as 30 days without being cleaned…and I will DEFINITELY be bringing my own pillow, hand sanitizer & Clorox wipes, haha! It is nice to know that aircrafts are equipped with HEPA filters!

  85. william budka on · Reply

    This was very informative. I understand why they monitor people so closely who fly now when it comes to contagious diseases. Germs are everywhere.Even a mile high. Its really scary to fly these days…now for this reason !!

  86. I assume now a days that you will contract something no matter where or what you do. It seems like we are either too clean of a society when we don’t need to be or we go to the polar opposite and are mindless when we need to be clean.

  87. Matzsmith on · Reply

    The more international we become, the higher the risk of things of yesterday are things of today. Measels are back in the US, one woman died this morning 7/4/15. Take precautions, but don”t stop living life.

  88. brenda disimone on · Reply

    Thanks for the knowledge. i have always heard germs may be on a place but this article goes beyond and tells how to help stop them

  89. JenniferP on · Reply

    Thanks for this information!! To be honest, I never knew how much bacteria is carried around on airplanes. I had never paid attention to any of that stuff before, but now I will have to be aware and pay attention not to get those nasty germs. I will be more precautious next time I take a flight. Thank You Orogold for your products and for caring for your customers!!!! your products are the best ever!!!!

  90. Judy Thomas on · Reply

    Yuck! Thank you, I had never thought about the seats and pillows etc before. I am pretty sure the quick turn around of most flights does not give time for much in depth cleaning either!

  91. Nicole Carter on · Reply

    Thank you for sharing the great tips for keeping us safe as we fly! I hate flying but at least I will know more ways to keep me safe.

  92. Jessica Cyr on · Reply

    I have flown a couple years ago while i was 4 months pregnant for my daughter, i went to Jamaica and had the best vacation ever !

  93. Sohair on · Reply

    Thanks for the info I try to wash my hands as much as possible and away from germs

  94. Sana HS on · Reply

    These are great advices 🙂
    I’m a germ freak myself and such ideas will be really helpful for my next trip abroad 🙂

  95. Laurial on · Reply

    As someone who takes long international flights, I found this article very interesting. I thought the viruses and bateria in the air was what I needed to protect myself from — guess not! From now on, I’ll be careful what I touch and be sure not to touch my mouth, nose and face in general while on the flight.

  96. Ghadeer on · Reply

    I appreciate the time and research put into this blog post! Very informative and to the point.

  97. Chanine on · Reply

    I would never thought that the armrest would gold alot of bacteria wow this was a Nice blog piece know i know what i need to wipe before im gonna dit down

  98. T Skinner on · Reply

    Airlines are in it for the $$$. They may run through and pick up garbage, but I have never seen them wipe or sanitize anything in my years of flying.

  99. Lisa McGloin on · Reply

    Just like hotel rooms, buses, trains, even public bathrooms there is no way bacteria can be contained and cleaned everyday. I personally love airplanes, I live right by an airport and if you are a smart traveler you will bring a blanket, sweatshirt, and or small pillow to rest with on the plane. If anyone should feel uncomfortable you can always wear a surgical mask, yes it may sound funny but after a major surgery I wore one to just be extra safe!

  100. Isaac Abadi on · Reply

    I hope this will help my skin, I don’t get enough sleep, and drink lots of coffee and other products with caffeine.

  101. Karen S. on · Reply

    Honestly, while basic cleanliness is important, sometimes I think we take it too far. It’s normal for us to come into contact with bacteria all the time. Normal. It’s part of how are bodies build up a healthy immune system. Wash your hands, but don’t stress about who was sitting in a seat before you.

  102. Anna Violette on · Reply

    Wow! Thanks for the heads up!! Maybe the air is cleaner and germ free in first class!! lol

  103. Joanna Allison on · Reply

    i read you can put a little lanolin in your nose when you fly and it will protect you from germs.

  104. lovely joy merced on · Reply

    just in time for my first international flight! thanks for sharing 🙂

  105. Very informative article regarding the myths and facts of airplane travel! I carry a light wrap with me when I travel, so I don’t need to use their blankets. I also carry sanitizing wipes to wipe the tray. But, there’s only so much you can do. Last month I had a woman coughing beside me. All I could do was turn my head and look out the window. Luckily, I didn’t catch anything.

  106. Jennifer Phillips on · Reply

    Very interesting topic, but I find I am more worried about dehydration and time changes affecting my sleep so that I look tired and drawn out after long flights. I never really thought about the air or germs, but I do worry about dirt left on seats from others, not big dirt but lice ridden types. UGH.

  107. Tammy Schweitzer Catterton on · Reply

    oh wow thanks for this great review so glad I never sue blankets so on the plane too many germs for sure thanks

  108. Cheryll Shubert on · Reply

    OMG!! I really had no idea…it isn’t something you automatically think about. Thanks so much for this article! It really opened my eyes. We are taking our little one on a flight soon and I am so glad I read this before we went. I am going to take many precautions to protect my little one from germs.

  109. Hadley on · Reply

    Thanks for this insightful post! I’ve really never thought about this before. I’ll be sure to always bring disinfectant wipes with me when I fly from now on!

  110. Elisa Marie on · Reply

    Very informative. I will be bringing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with me on my next flight. AND I will be sure not to touch my eyes with dirty fingers!!!

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