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The OROGOLD Amsterdam Store
The OROGOLD Amsterdam Store features the entire range of luxury skin care from OROGOLD. It is also home to our signature services such as complimentary product demonstrations, skin consultations and VIP luxury facials. Step into the world of OROGOLD to understand what luxury skin care really means.

Address: Hobbemastraat 4H, 1071 ZA, Netherlands

Contact No: +31-20-7370564

Store Hours: 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM (Monday – Saturday)

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Sunday)

Customer Review: “Was traveling to Amsterdam where I came across the Orogold store. Really loved the products and moisturizers on offer. All the products made my skin feel really soft and I loved the smell a lot. Shall certainly recommend to all friends back home.”  – Sharon T., an OROGOLD Customer. 


Amsterdam Overview

Amsterdam at nightAmsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is also known as the ‘Venice of the North’, due to the many canals that meander through the city, flowing beneath more than 1500 bridges, as well as because of the impressive architecture and rich sense of culture. Although it may be small enough for you to walk or cycle to any location in the city, it is never boring, and the museums, attractions, restaurants and shops are enough to make you immediately want to start planning your next trip back.

One-of-a-kind Museums
If you enjoy visiting museums, there are definitely some in Amsterdam that you cannot miss. The Vincent Van Gogh museum contains more of Van Gogh’s work than anywhere else in the world, whilst the Rijksmuseum has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. The Anne Frank museum is also in Amsterdam, and you can even visit the annexe that Anne and her family hid in for 2 years from the Nazis. If you usually don’t enjoy visiting museums, there are still likely to be ones that will appeal to you, even if just for the fact that they are completely unique to Amsterdam, such as the Sex, Vodka and Cannabis Museums.

World-Class Dining and Thriving Nightlife
Amsterdam is home to many Michelin starred restaurants, with world famous chefs cooking both local and international delights. Dutch used to be a colony of Indonesia, meaning that you will also find many Dutch-Indonesian restaurants, serving a unique and delicious cuisine. A traditional Dutch food that you most likely already know and love is pancakes, and you will find many restaurants, cafes and kiosks selling the Dutch version of this dish, which is slightly thinner and crispier than American pancakes. Once winter has passed and the sun comes out, you will find pavements full of cafe tables, a great way to enjoy a fresh coffee and do some people-watching. Once darkness falls over the city, it is easy to see why Amsterdam has a reputation as being a party city. Choose from the many bars and clubs that are scattered throughout the city, offering all sorts of music styles and a variety of drinks.

Fashion, Art and Antiques
Being a cosmopolitan city with residents of over 150 different nationalities, it is no surprise that Amsterdam has a thriving urban art scene, with many galleries and exhibitions, as well as events incorporating street art. Amsterdam is also known for its wide variety of shops, from sprawling department stores to luxury boutiques. Amsterdam’s ‘Nine Streets’, an area of the city where narrow streets finger out from the main road, is a great place to find unique upscale boutiques. Amsterdam also has an array of antique shops, selling everything from furniture to curiosities. For all your beauty needs, be sure to visit our OROGOLD Amsterdam store.

If you are only in Amsterdam for a short visit, a canal cruise is a great way to take in the sights of the city from a more unusual perspective. Amsterdam truly is an impressive city to visit and has so much to offer, from one-of-a-kind museums to delicious restaurants and cafes to some great shopping locations, and no matter what you choose to do, you are sure to have plenty of fun.

The OROGOLD Amsterdam Store
Hobbemastraat is one of the most popular streets in the Netherlands. It was named after Meindert Hobbema, a popular Dutch painter, in the year 1880. A number of streets in Amsterdam actually have the same name and can only be differentiated by the numbers that follow the name.

Between the years 1903 and 1958, tram lines 2 and 3 that connected PC Hoofstraat and Stadhouderskade passed through Hobbemastraat. Trams went away from the area, only to return in the year 1992.

Today, the area is famous as one of the best shopping destinations in the city. You should find many of the top luxury brands of Amsterdam in this area. While visiting the OROGOLD store, don’t forget to check out popular landmarks such as the Rijksmuseum, Zuiderbad and the Security Institute.

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