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The Orogold Brazil Store
Our OROGOLD Store in Brazil is located in Salvador, one of the oldest colonial cities in Latin America. In the neighborhood of Caminho das Árvores, you’ll find upper-class residential areas and commercial districts. Our Orogold Store at Salvador Shopping offers you a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can enjoy relaxing VIP facials, free product demonstrations, and a one-to-one skin consultation with our specialists.

Address: Salvador Shopping, Avenida Tancredo Neves, 3133, Piso L2, Caminho das Árvores, Salvador – BA – Brasil
CEP: 41820-910

Brazil Overview
Brazil Salvador historic centerThe fifth largest country in the world, Brazil dominates the majority of South America, as well as 7500 kilometers of South American coastline. These are the sun-kissed sands that Brazil is loved for, and its population of over two hundred million people would agree, with two-thirds of them choosing to live near the coast. This population is a diverse one, with immigrants from Europe, Africa and the Middle East creating a rich and vibrant culture that has shaped the country over the years.

The bustling cities and smaller towns of Brazil are the best places to experience the country’s culture and charm. You will find one of the most enigmatic urban landscapes in Rio de Janeiro, a city surrounded by rainforests, mountains and the sea, while Salvador is the cultural capital of the country, and still embraces its history and heritage. Recife has more of a colorful, colonial vibe, while Manaus is the main city within the Amazon Rainforest. This world-famous rainforest accounts for 60% of Brazil’s total land mass, and Manaus makes for the perfect gateway to visit this incredibly lush, green world.

For those wanting to see more of Brazil’s natural beauty, the Iguazu Falls, home to 300 of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, is a must-visit, as is the Brazilian Pantanal. This is an animal reserve unlike no other, being larger than France and home to the greatest density of wildlife on the planet. Of course, there is more to Brazil than its biodiversity, with music playing a large part in the country’s identity. From late night samba clubs to weekend street parties, rhythmic beats seem to ooze from the country’s core. For the ultimate in Brazilian parties, Carnival is not to be missed, and while the main celebration is held at the start of the year, there are numerous cities that host their own versions during other months.

Brazil is a country of contrasts, not only culturally and geographically, but also economically. You will see favelas lining just about every city, and shanty towns forming around national landmarks. With corruption rife throughout the country, many visitors find safety standards to be lower in Brazil than what they are used to, but all this means is that you need to stay vigilant and aware, rather than acting like a tourist.

The cuisine in Brazil is as varied as the country itself, with its international influences creating quite the unique range of flavors and styles. You will find churrascarias, serving up Brazilian barbecue, all over the south of the country, while the north tends to prefer flavors of East African and Indian origins. Cachaca is the national drink of Brazil, made from sugar cane, while Brazilian coffee, known locally as café, is highly revered all over the world for its intense flavor, strength and quality. This is a country that really brings together old and new in so many ways, and, the longer you stay, the more you will feel Brazil’s charismatic energy making its way into your soul.

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