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The OROGOLD Hilton Hawaiian Village Store
The OROGOLD Hilton Hawaiian Village Store is an ideal place to enjoy opulent solutions for your skin while you’re in Hawaii. This luxurious store is famous for its gold based skin care products that are known to be the best way of dealing with all your skin issues and enjoying younger looking skin all over again. Visit the store for a free product demonstration and choose from a wide range of collections to find something that has been customized to suit your unique skin care needs.

Address: Hilton Hawaiian Village, 2005 Kalia Road, Honolulu, Oahu HI 96815

Contact No: 808-945-2221

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

12.00PM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD Maui Store
Our OROGOLD Maui Store has emerged as one of the best OROGOLD stores in the US because of its excellent customer support system and helpful staff. Visit the OROGOLD Maui store for a free product demonstration and a complimentary VIP facial to experience the wonders that OROGOLD products have to offer.

Address: Front Street – Maui, 844 Front St., Lahaina, HI 96761

Contact No: 808-661-1112

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

12.00PM – 07.00PM (Sunday)


Hawaii Overview
hawaiiSeparated from the mainland, the Hawaiian islands maintain their own sense of culture and lead a unique way of life. Shave ice, flip-flops, hula and guitar music are a way of everyday life in Hawaii and almost everything seems to be laid back, casual, genuine and easy going. Whether you’re a globetrotter exploring the various wonders around the world or a honeymooner looking to spend some quality time with your loved one, Hawaii welcomes all sorts of travelers equally and provides them with an array of delights that are likely to entertain and enthrall them.

The islands were controversially annexed to the US in 1900 and Hawaii wasn’t declared as a state until the year 1959. Despite their late entry into the US, the islands have emerged as a premier global holiday destination and are particularly famous among honeymooners. Hawaii’s laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty is responsible for drawing millions of tourists to the Aloha State year after year. Traveling to the islands and in between its cays can end up being time-consuming, but the islands more than make up for it by offering you with breathtaking delights when you finally get there.

Life in Hawaii has always been about enjoying the outdoors. Whether you prefer exploring its beautiful neighborhoods, hiking across those ancient lava flows, enjoying its scenic beauty or taking part in activities like whale watching, ziplining, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing, swimming and surfing, almost every encounter in Hawaii is infused with the Hawaiian values of aloha ‘aina, love for the land.

The islands of Hawaii have often been synonymous with the word “paradise” because of the presence of enchanting coral reefs, enthralling volcanoes and sugary beaches. The Big Island in Hawaii is famous for its wondrous geological features while Kaua’i delights visitors with its emerald river valleys. Honolulu ensures that there is no shortage of cosmopolitan flair and virtually every nook and cranny offers something or the other. If you’ve seen any of those postcards that feature cobalt blue oceans and heavenly surroundings, you would realize that a trip to Hawaii is nothing but spectacular. Those mouth-watering images aren’t Photoshop imagery, but Mother Nature at her beautiful best. Whether you prefer swimming around cascading waterfalls, lazing on the golden sand beaches or enjoying spectacular sunrises and sunsets, natural beauty and outdoor attractions are found by the plentiful in Hawaii.

Hawaii is extremely proud of its historic importance as well as its cultural heritage. Descendants of ancient European explorers, Polynesians and American missionaries mix and mingle with each other in modern day Hawaii and unique cultural traditions and festivals keeps the diverse culture alive and hearty. Things like the outrigger canoe races, Hawaiian hula, surfing championships and Japanese taiko drumming are other popular things to do while in Hawaii.

Accommodation is also found by the plentiful in Hawaii. From the ridiculously expensive resorts to luxurious hotels, from budget hotels to beautiful ecotourism accommodations, there is always something for everyone in Hawaii. Restaurants are also found by the dozens and you can always expect all sorts of international cuisines in Hawaii.

Some of the main highlights of a trip to Hawaii include surfing at the Waikiki Beach, scenic flights over Maui, exploring Pearl Harbor, hiking along the lava fields at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and snorkelling in the clear blue waters.


OROGOLD Stores in Hawaii
There are two OROGOLD Stores in Hawaii – the OROGOLD Hilton Hawaiian Village Store and the OROGOLD Maui Store. Each OROGOLD Store in Hawaii is famous for its opulent spa-like atmosphere, complimentary treatments and exciting gold based skin care products that can rejuvenate your appearance.

The OROGOLD Hilton Hawaiian Village Store
1The Hilton Hawaiian Village is located on 22 acres of prime property in Waikiki beachfront and it offers its guests with exciting facilities like 5 swimming pools (including the largest Super Pool in the world), a wedding chapel, 20 bars and restaurants, exotic waterfalls, beautiful gardens, a Mandara Spa, children’s programs and daily activities like morning exercise classes and Hula lessons. This 386 room resort is serviced by about 1700 employees and caters to approximately 6000 guests on an average day. Whether you’re looking for a resort that is famous for its pulsating energy or a resort that offers you with some peace and quiet, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has it all. The accommodations at the resort are divided among different towers. The Ali‘i Tower is considered to host the most luxurious restaurants that feature amazing furnishings and personalized services. The Diamond Head Tower is considered to be the least favorite and the Lagoon Tower is a timeshare. Other towers at the hotel include the Grand Waikikian, the Tapa Tower and the Rainbow Tower. The oceanfront rooms in the Rainbow Tower, particularly the ones that are located on the Diamond Head side, are the ones with the best views.

The OROGOLD Maui Store
A trip to the Front Street is considered to be a must while in Maui. Front Street is popular as one of the greatest streets in America. It is considered to be the focus of all activity in West Maui and its charm and popularity dates all the way back to the 1820s. This charming avenue is full of world class brands, quaint boutiques, designer stores, bars and restaurants and is almost always full of tourists. A wide variety of entertainment options can also be found on Front Street, making it the nightlife hub of West Maui. Another thing that makes Front Street very famous is its Halloween celebrations that that kick-start with the Keiki Parade and transform into a gala costume party. This signature event has been called the Mardi Gras of the Pacific. Tourists also have the option to check out beautiful art galleries while in Front Street.

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