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The OROGOLD Salmiya Store
The OROGOLD Salmiya Store offers luxurious and opulent gold based skin care products that can rejuvenate the way their skin looks to leave them with visibly brighter and younger looking skin. Visit the OROGOLD store in Salmiya for a complimentary facial to understand what effective skin care truly means.

Address: Al Fanar Mall, Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya, Kuwait.

Contact No: 011 965 663 878 51

Store Hours: 09.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).


Kuwait Overview
kuwaitKuwait is known to be one of the most amazing economies in the world that is now opening its borders to travelers from all over the world. It attracts more visitors with every passing year and ranks among the best travel destinations in the Arabian Peninsula. The emirate of Kuwait is the 11th richest country in the world, primarily because of the fact that it sits on top of one-fifth of the oil reserves on the planet. The emirate is not as popular as some of the other emirates when it comes to tourism, but it certainly offers visitors with an exciting glimpse into the Arab world and is known to be an amazing place to enjoy all sorts of activities.

Kuwait City – the political, economic and cultural capital of Kuwait – sits on the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf and is home to all sorts of designer shopping malls, exotic hotels and resorts, exciting street markets, war-torn buildings and traditional Islamic architecture. The Kuwait Towers are known to be the most popular landmark in the city and they also offer tourists with an amazing viewing platform. The Grand Mosque is considered to be another must-see landmark in the city.

Kuwait City’s numerous attractions, right from the Kuwait Towers to the National Museum and the Liberation are mostly known to be modern in nature. Those wanting to enjoy the rich culture of Kuwait can visit places like Bayt al-Badr Mansion, Emir’s Palace and Sadu House (famous for its beautiful Bedouin arts and crafts). The locals are also known to be extremely keen on things like diving, power boating, golf, horse-riding, swimming and sailing. Shopaholics visiting the emirate simply cannot miss out on the fabulous local markets and souqs found here. Salhia Complex, Salem Al-Mubarak Street Shopping District and Symphony Complex are known to be other popular shopping havens among the tourists. Those wanting to check out the traditional dhows, sailing ships and pearl-dive boats that Kuwait is famous for can always visit the Dhow Harbor in Kuwait City.

Most of the major population centers in the emirate are surrounded by endless expanses of the Arabian Desert. These desert landscapes offer travelers with the ideal chance of exploring centuries-old lifestyles of the Bedouin people. Day trips to the Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum, the Al Turiki Museum and the Red Fort are also worth your while. Another must-see attraction in Kuwait is the Failaka Island, a place that is centered around a 4000-year history of sun-worship.

Hospitality has been a long-standing tradition of the Arab world and most of the locals can effectively communicate in English as well. A vast majority of the spas and hotels in the emirate are famous for their outstanding services and Western amenities. Finally, the destination also offers an array of local and international cuisines at the hundreds of restaurants that can be found here.

The ideal way to commute around Kuwait is to have your own car. There are a few state-owned and private bus services that connect the numerous towns and cities in the emirate and the buses are also known to be air-conditioned, modern and comfortable.

The OROGOLD Salmiya Store
Salmiya is one of the best shopping areas in Kuwait. It is the main hub of all shopping centers and is full of all sorts of brands, malls, arcades and boutiques. It also lies within close proximity to Kuwait City and traveling to Salmiya is very easy. The area is home to a large Indian population and this means that you can always see a touch of the Indian culture in the traditional Arab culture while in Salmiya.  Other attractions in the area include the Ras Al Ardh amusement park, the Ras Salmiya Mosque, Holiday Inn Kuwait, Marina Mall and Crescent, City Centre, Pauls Restaurant, Ayyam Restaurant and the Ritz Salmiya. The place is also home to a Hard Rock Cafe.

A must-visit destination in Salmiya is the Al Fanar Mall. Considered to be one of the most exclusive shopping addresses in the city, the Al Fanar Mall presents state-of-the-art facilities, world-class brands and sleek designs. One of the most popular stores in Al Fanar Mall is the OROGOLD Store.

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