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The OROGOLD Plaza Altabrisa Tabasco Store
The OROGOLD Store in Mérida is located in the popular and often crowded Plaza Altabrisa Tabasco. This store features luxurious gold-themed furnishings so you can relax while being pampered by our skincare specialists.

Address: Plaza Altabrisa Tabasco, Calle 7 452 Por 20 y 22, Frac. Altabrisa, 97130 Mérida, Yuc., México

The OROGOLD Paseo Queretaro Store
The OROGOLD Store in Paseo Queretaro is expertly designed for your relaxation and luxury. Our skincare specialists can offer in-depth guidance on selecting the best gold-infused products for your skin type and need.

Address: Anillo Vial Fray Junípero Serra 7901La Purisima, 76146 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico

The OROGOLD Jalisco Store
The OROGOLD Store in Jalisco is conveniently located midtown. Whether you’re in for an afternoon of pampering or just for quick pick-me-up after work, this store is bound to satisfy your skincare needs.

Address: Av Adolfo López Mateos Nte 95, Italia Providencia, 44648 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

The OROGOLD Cozumel Store
Step into the world of gold-infused luxury at the steps of Entre Rosado Salas in Cozumel. This OROGOLD store is designed to relax your mind while you enjoy the benefits of gold-infused skincare.

Address: Entre Rosado Salas Y 3 Sur Cp 77600 Cozumel

The OROGOLD Angelópolis Centro Comercial Store
The OROGOLD Store in Angelópolis Centro Comercial is a new, state-of-the-art store designed specifically for your comfort and luxury. Enjoy one-to-one consultations with our skincare specialists. VIP facials and promotions are also available here.

Address: Blvd. del Niño Poblano 2510, Concepción la Cruz, 72450 Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, PUE, Mexico

The OROGOLD San Miguel de Cozumel Store
Located on the popular shopping and dining hub in San Miguel de Cozumel, this luxurious OROGOLD store is your one-stop haven for all things beautiful for your skin. Enjoy creamy-smooth skin care infused with real gold flakes and relaxing VIP facials for an instant pick-me-up.

Address: Av. Rafael E. Melgar 221, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R. Mexico

The OROGOLD Andares Store
This opulent OROGOLD store is located in the busy Andares Shopping Mall. Drop in for a relaxing gold-infused facial and VIP self-care after a strenuous afternoon of shopping. Free product demonstrations and new promotions apply.

Address: Andares Shopping Mall, Blvd. Puerta de Hierro 4965, Puerta de Hierro, 45116 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

The OROGOLD Pasanje Polanco Store
Considered to be one of the top cosmetic boutiques in the city, this opulent OROGOLD Pasanje Polanco store introduces its guests to amazing skin care collections that transform the way one looks at skin care.

Address: Pasaje Polanco Plaza, Masaryk 360 local 21A, Col. Polanco C.P. 11560, Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX

Contact No:

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).

The OROGOLD Paseo Acoxpa Store
Among the international brands at the Paseo Acoxpa mall, our OROGOLD store sits comfortably in its L37A lot, furnished with interior decor that is second to none. Drop by for a VIP facial treatment, exclusive skin care deals, or just to say hello!

Address: Paseo Acoxpa, Av. Acoxpa 430 Local L37A, Col. Ex Hacienda Coapa, C.P. 14300, Delegacion Tlalpan, CDMX

Contact No:

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).


The OROGOLD Paseo Interlomas Store
After your turns and twirls on the ice-skating rink, there’s no better way to soothe your cold skin than a trip to the OROGOLD store. Here, our skin care specialists can match the perfect product to your skin type, as well as offer free demonstrations of our gold-infused products.

Address: Paseo Interlomas Plaza, Av. Vialidad de la Barranca, Local N1-08, Col. Ex Hacienda Jesús del Monte, C.P. 52787, Huixquilucan, CDMX

Contact No:

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).


The OROGOLD Oasis Coyoacán Store
Amid the historical landmarks of Coyoacán, the OROGOLD store stands like a beacon of modern luxury. Locate our store at the Oasis Coyoacan, where you can also find an endless variety of contemporary brands.

Address: Oasis Coyoacan, Av. Universidad 1778 Local PB 19, Col. Romero de Terreros C.P. 04310, Del. Coyoacán, CDMX

Contact No:

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).

The OROGOLD Perisur Store
The OROGOLD Perisur store is the best place to unwind after a long day around town. The decor is stylish, the beauty specialists welcoming, and the skin care products sensual and transformative.

Address: Centro Comercial Perisur, Anillo Perif. Blvd. Adolfo Lopez Mateos 4690, Insurgentes Cuicuilco, C.P. 04500 CDMX

Contact No: 3488 8045

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday)


The OROGOLD Parque Delta Store
Our OROGOLD store at Parque Delta offers facial treatments by skin care specialists in a classy, sophisticated setting. Limited edition skin care promotions are also available at this store.

Address:  Centro Comercial Parque Delta, Av. Cuauhtemoc Num. 462 L-168, Col. Narvarte, C.P. 03020, Benito Juarez, CDMX

Contact No: 9154 9671

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday)


The OROGOLD Liverpool Store
Our OROGOLD store is located in the quirky, independent Liverpool Insurgentes. Here, you can admire the stunning mall architecture before popping into our store for a refreshing facial.

Address: Liverpool Insurgentes Sur, Av. Insurgentes Sur 1310, Del Valle, Col del Valle Sur, 03100, CDMX

Contact No: 55 5480 1300

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday)


The OROGOLD Guadalajara Store
There’s no better way to end a beautiful day in Zapopan than a visit to the OROGOLD Guadalajara store. Shake off your fatigue and reinvigorate your spirit with a relaxing VIP facial here.

Address: Plaza Concreto, Av. Vallarta 6503 Local F 67, Col. Granja, Zapopan Jalisco C.P. 45010

Contact No:

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).

The OROGOLD Puebla Store
Nestled in the city of world-renowned architecture and ceramics, this OROGOLD store offers luxury skin care as the perfect supplement to your Puebla experience. Join us for free product demonstrations and exclusive skin care packages.

Address: Boulevard del Niño Poblano 2510 Local 245-N, Col. Concepcion La Cruz C.P. 72450 Puebla, Mexico

Contact No: 01 (22)

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).


The OROGOLD Villahermosa Store
The OROGOLD Villahermosa brings you modern luxury skin care in a city filled with history and culture. Drop by today to experience what gold-infused skin care can do for your skin.

Address: Plaza Altabrisa, Periférico Carlos Pellicer Cámara 501 PB 25-B, Colina Plutarco Elias Calles, Villahermosa, Tabasco, C.P. 86170

Contact No: 99

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).


The OROGOLD Playa Del Carmen Store
The OROGOLD Playa Del Carmen Store perfectly encapsulates the laidback rhythm of this quirky city. This OROGOLD store has become one of the most popular destinations for skin care enthusiasts. Visit us today for a one-to-one session with our skin care specialists.

Address: Quinta Avenida Norte 230 Lote 001 manzana 031, Col. Centro, Playa del Carmen, Municipio de Solidaridad C.P. 77710

Contact No: 98

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday).


The OROGOLD Puerto Vallarta Store
Our OROGOLD store at La Isla offers an extra touch of luxury. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing facial massage using gold-infused skin care, and receive free skin consultations with our trained specialists. Be sure to check out our limited edition spa packages!

Address: La Isla, Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2479 Local PB 79, La Isla, Zona Hotelera Norte Puerto Vallarta Jalisco C.P. 48333

Contact No: 4893 6898

Store Hours: 11.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Sunday)


The OROGOLD Centro Santa Fe Store
Our OROGOLD store is located in the sprawling, metropolitan mall in Cuajimalpa, Mexico City. Visit our store today for exclusive purchases, friendly product demonstrations, and luxurious VIP facials.

Address: Centro Santa Fe, Avenida Vasco de Quiroga 3800, Contadero, 05109 CDMX, Mexico

Contact No: 55 9688 7363

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 09.00PM


Mexico Overview

mexicoVast jungles, beautiful cities, an exciting lifestyle and arid deserts are just some of the things that make up Mexico. The country really lives up to your expectations and offers an array of sights and activities that are bound to sweep you off your feet. Mexico is home to rich lagoons that are teeming with wildlife and 10000 kms of coastline that is full of beautiful beaches. The country can offer you endless adventures and a climate that ranges from hot to temperate, making outdoor explorations enjoyable. Sun worshipping on its many beaches, boating in search of dolphins, snorkelling Caribbean reefs, hiking majestic mountains and partying in its wild cities are some of the best things to do in Mexico. The World Trade Organization defined Mexico as the 7th major destination for international tourists and people from all corners of the world are known to visit Mexico for its food, art, scenic beauty, unique wildlife, warm weathers, exciting lifestyles, ancient ruins and world-class attractions.

Mexico is also known for its rich history and exciting culture. The pre-Hispanic civilizations that existed here built some of the greatest archaeological wonders in the world like the towering pyramids of Teotihuacan and the exotic temples of the Maya civilization. The Spanish occupation of Mexico also left tree-shaded plazas, rich sculptures and beautiful towns in its wake. World class museums and art galleries that showcase the fascinating history of Mexico can also be found throughout the country.

Most travelers who visit Mexico get attracted to its fantasy-like stories of the Aztecs and the Cortes. Backpacking is a popular thing to do while in Mexico and tourists also come to love its jungles, natural beauty, historic romance, coastlines, deserts and jungles. The inspired arts, tasty cuisines, hospitable people and exotic nightlife also play a role in making your Mexican getaways picture perfect.

Mexico is a country that is known to be full of contrasts. Steel-and-glass towers rise in the midst of the arid desert landscapes of Monterrey while oil rigs occupy the Tabasco coast; choc-a-bloc traffic overwhelms visitors in Mexico City while the Caribbean beaches along the Riviera Maya take them to a fantasy-like environment. These contrasts play a huge role in attracting more than 20 million visitors to the country each year. The party-filled balmy nights and the tropical sun are other popular attractions.

The country is vivacious and vibrant and it never stops pulsating. It always conjures images of tequila, wild parties, chocolates and chilies and is also home to 31 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a rich and diverse land that is full of azure waters and sandy beaches. Almost everything seems to be possible in the Land of the Hot Sun and almost every dream can come true while in Mexico.

Some of the main highlights of a trip to Mexico include the local cantinas of Mexico City, the ancient Teotihuacan city, the Mayan monuments in Chicken Itza, snorkelling off the Yucatan Peninsula, the wild nightclubs of Cancun and the snow-capped volcanoes of Popocatepetl.


Mexico City Overview
Mexico City is the political and economic capital of Mexico. It is known to produce about 21.8% of the country’s GDP and ranks as the 8th richest city in the world. The city rises from the ruins of the Tenochtitlan capital and offers a beautiful fusion of historic preservation and cosmopolitan lifestyles. The shopping, history and the nightlife also make a trip to Mexico City unforgettable.

The city is simply referred to as Mexico by its locals and it is known to be one of the highest and most populated cities in the world.  Much of the music and arts of Mexico can also be found in its capital. Most of the attractions that are worth exploring can be found in the central areas that stretch towards from its main square. The main highlights of the area include the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, the Chapultepec Park, Templo Mayor, National Palace, La Alameda, San Angel neighborhood, the floating gardens of Xochimilco and Calle Madero.

Much maligned for its horrible pollution levels, Mexico City is also busy cleaning up its act. Public spaces are being brought back to life and cultural renaissance seems to be flourishing. The ever-increasing stream of tourists has made the culinary scene explode and the nightlife is at its wildest best as well. And the best part is that the city has somehow managed to distance itself from those infrequent drug wars to provide tourists with a safe haven.

Mexico City is always known to thrive on high-octane energy and organized chaos seems to rule the lands. The central areas of the city are bound to be the main highlight of any trip to Mexico City, but the surrounding areas also offer visitors plenty of escapes in the form of boating excursions, ancient canals, traditional cantinas and wonderful museums. With so much history and culture on offer, you might as well scrap off those beach plans!

Shopaholics cannot miss out on a trip to Masaryk, one of the most affluent and attractive thoroughfares in the city. This area is located in the Polanco neighborhood and it is famous as one of the most expensive shopping districts in the country. You can expect to find all sorts of world class brands and unique boutique stores here. OROGOLD Mexico is also located in Masaryk. History lovers will fall in love with the wonderful Aztec constructions in the Xochimilco borough and at the Teotihuacan archaeological site. Couples can hire a colorful wooden boat in Xochimilco to enjoy its beautiful gardens and canals. Planning a day trip to the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacan is another important experience that you cannot miss out on.

Mexico City is a unique collision of cultures and civilizations that perfectly caters to all travel styles and tastes. A trip to this exotic city is a must while traveling to Mexico, if only to rub shoulders with different cultures, explore world class museums, enjoy exotic cuisines and delight yourself with its fascinating nightlife. After all, the birthplace of tequila really cannot be boring, can it?


OROGOLD Stores in Mexico City
There are seven OROGOLD Stores in Mexico City – the OROGOLD Pasanje Polanco Store, OROGOLD Paseo Acoxpa Store, OROGOLD Paseo Interlomas Shopping Mall Store, OROGOLD Oasis Coyoacán Store, OROGOLD Perisur Store, OROGOLD Parque Delta Store and the OROGOLD Liverpool Store.

The OROGOLD Pasanje Polanco Store
The Avenida Presidente Masaryk, also known as Masaryk, is the most affluent thoroughfare in Mexico. It is often compared to the 5th Avenue in NYC and is home to some of the most amazing designer stores, best restaurants and most popular brands. The thoroughfare is a beautiful street to walk in and this fashionable shopping street offers unique experiences at every step. Other shopping destinations like the Avenida Madero and the Centro Santa Fe have come up in the recent past, but Masaryk is still considered to be the main standard for shopping in Mexico. If you’re planning to spend some time shopping in Mexico, the Masaryk is an ideal place to go to. It is bound to entertain and delight you with its fashionable eateries, groovy atmosphere, luxury brands and designer shops.

The OROGOLD Pasanje Polanco Store is also located on the Avenida Presidente Masaryk. Enjoy the complimentary OROGOLD facial at the Masaryk store. These facials are customized to suit your skin needs to make you understand what luxury skin care is all about.

The OROGOLD Paseo Acoxpa Store
Paseo Acoxpa is a popular outdoor shopping center located in the Tlalpan borough in Mexico City. The mall covers an area of 56000 sq. m. and is known to be one of the top shopping destinations in the city. Some of the best brands located here include Sport City, Nike, California Pizza Kitchen, Deportes Marti, Cinepolis and Best Buy. One of the three OROGOLD stores in Mexico City is also located in the mall.

The OROGOLD Paseo Interlomas Store
The Paseo Interlomas Shopping Mall covers an area of 73965 sq. m. and is located in Huixquilucan, one of the most developed areas of the city. The mall is anchored by three department stores – Sears, Liverpool and El Palacio de Hierro. It is also home to an ice skating rink, about 180 stores and boutiques, a food court, a 16-screen cinema and 12 exciting restaurants. The mall offers visitors an exclusive shopping experience, some of the most prestigious brands in the country, select retailers and entertainment for people of all ages. Some of the top brands found at the Paseo Interlomas Shopping Mall include Brooks Brothers, Zara, bebe, Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Coach, Adidas, Nike, Swarovski, Lacoste, DKNY, A/X and +Kota.

The OROGOLD Paseo Interlomas Store is also located here. Each product at OROGOLD has been formulated with the best ingredients to give you the most luxurious skin care experience.

The OROGOLD Oasis Coyoacán Store
Also known as “the place of the coyotes,” Coyoacán is considered the historical heart of Mexico City. Some of the top attractions in this borough are the Frida Kahlo Museum (home of the famous artist until her death), the Anahuacalli Museum, and the Museo Nacional de Intervenciones. Many of the local streets date from the 16th century when the first Spanish settlers established themselves in Mexico. With a significant choice of museums, you can explore the ancient Aztec empire and learn about the entradas ordered by the Spanish, as well as study the 60,000-piece collection of pre-hispanic artifacts and explore the monasteries of indigenous communities. If you prefer an everyday local flavor, you can also hop on over to Mercado de Coyoacán, where you can enjoy street performances and stroll around local stalls selling traditional Mexican clothing, abstract art, and an assortment of eccentric knick-knacks.

Oasis Coyoacan feels like an oasis in the midst of the city. Some of the top brands located in this shopping mall include Adidas, ALDO, Aeropostale, Banana Republic, Bobbi Brown, Forever 21, GAP, Levi’s, McDonalds, Nike, Starbucks, Subway and Zara. The OROGOLD Oasis Coyoacan is also located here. If you’re searching for fun and refreshing skin care solutions that take you on a luxurious route to younger looking skin, this latest store from OROGOLD is where you need to be.

The OROGOLD Perisur Store
Centro Commercial Perisur first opened in 1980 and was, at the time, Mexico’s largest shopping mall. With department stores the likes of Liverpool, Sears, and El Palacio de Hierro, you can literally find anything here. This shopping mall also has an IMAX screen, among its other 19 movie screens, and more than 230 stores that offer clothing, toys, and accessories.

Our OROGOLD store at Perisur offers tasteful beauty treatments in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, alongside skin care consultations with our specialists and a wide selection of our celebrated gold-infused skin care products.

The OROGOLD Parque Delta Store
Located in the south of Mexico City, Colonia Narvarte is a neighborhood typified by functional architecture. Urban micro-communities, which began in the 1960s, can be found scattered around the old city, contributing to the overall “old school,” retro feel of this part of Mexico. From quirky boutique cafes like NBiCi Cafe, where you can upgrade your bicycle while enjoying a cuppa, to La Valenciana, a traditional cantina that’s been in business since 1911, you’ll never run out of food and drink. This is the city where you can visit taquerías, dip into the Instituto del Arte Mexicano del Azúcar, and celebrate the Day of the Dead with locals, without batting an eye. On your way home, be sure to pay respects to the figure of Santa Muerte, too.

For all your shopping needs, Parque Delta is the place to be. This shopping center boasts American-type clothing and accessories, local and fusion restaurants, and the latest film screenings. A new extension of the Parque Delta has recently been opened to the public for a more expansive shopping experience. Our OROGOLD store is also located here.

The OROGOLD Liverpool Store
Colonia Del Valle is one of Mexico’s most expensive neighborhoods. The real estate here, renowned for its impressive housing costs, is home to the upper and upper-middle class of Mexico’s population. The hedges, streets, and gardens are well-manicured, and so are the children (for the most part). Quiet suburban streets and rolling greenery testify to the family values of this neighborhood, which occasionally finds more tempestuous life at the Mercado San Lazaro, an extensive marketplace where you can find fresh produce, birthday piñatas, and local handicrafts.

The Liverpool Insurgentes is a standard mall where you can find everyday brand names offering a variety of jewelry, clothing, and accessories. The most striking feature of this shopping center is its architecture, which is particularly stunning once the sun goes down. Movie-buffs will enjoy the nearby Casa Museo de Luis Bunuel, where the famous filmmaker lived with his wife Jeanne until his death, and the Cineteca Nacional, where selected film exhibitions are held, and low-budget, independent movies are screened.

Our OROGOLD store at Liverpool Insurgentes invites you to enjoy anti-aging skin care with a touch of luxury. We offer VIP facials, exclusive spa packages, and free skin care consultations with our specialists. You can also redeem any OROGOLD vouchers here.


Zapopan Overview
Zapopan is a city that is located in the state of Jalisco. It is most famous for housing the Virgin of Zapopan, a Virgin Mary image that dates back to the 16th century. This image has been accredited with all sorts of miracles and is also known to be recognized by popes. Zapopan is also home to the Centro Cultural Universitario, home to one of the most important concert venues in Latin America.

The word Zapopan comes from Nahuatl words that translate to “under sapote trees”. It is also known as Villa Exmaicera (ex-corn village), because it was one of the main producers of corn in Latin America. Zapopan is a part of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. Guadalajara is still considered to be the quintessential destination in Mexico by many travelers. It is home to one of the most influential business and industrial centers in the country and is often called Mexico’s Silicon Valley. Guadalajara is also the birthplace of mariachi music.

The ideal way to explore the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area is on foot. Most of the experiences that the city unfolds to its travelers get lost when using public transportation options like taxis or double decker buses. Another interesting way to travel from one spot to the other is to use the calandria, a horse-drawn carriage.

Unlike other colonial cities that still retain the original town plan, Guadalajara underwent a major renovation in the 1950s that completely changed the face of the city. Old buildings were demolished to create wider avenues, new constructions, shopping centers and parking lots. However, the important historic buildings were left untouched. A stroll through Guadalajara will make you appreciate its amazing public art and beautiful green spaces. At the very heart of the city lies a cathedral that is famous as the city’s most recognizable landmark and is worth a watch. To the south of the cathedral is the Plaza de Armas, famous for its art nouveau bandstand. The Government Palace (home to a beautiful mural that was painted by Jose Clemente Orozco and a picturesque baroque facade) and the Rotondo de los Jaliscienses Ilustres (a green area that consists of beautiful statues that represent some of the most illustrious sons and daughters of Jalisco) are also located nearby.

Other places to explore while in Guadalajara include the Teatro Degollado (a neoclassical building that is home to the Ballet Folclorico), Hospicio Cabanas (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Plaza Tapatio, charming fountains, colonial era buildings and picturesque promenades.  The Plaza de los Mariachis is the ideal place to complete your spend your evenings. It offers you a chance to listen to some mariachis play while you sip on a refreshing drink.

The OROGOLD Guadalajara Store
The OROGOLD Guadalajara Store is located in the Andares Shopping Mall. Andares is one of the top shopping malls in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. This indoor-cum-outdoor shopping paradise opened in the year 2008 in the Puerta de Hierro neighborhood. It boasts of an exciting shopping complex as well as exclusive residences designed by Mexican architect Juan Sordo Madaleno. Andares allows its guests to celebrate arts and culture and also offers them unique entertainment, gastronomy and business experiences.

The OROGOLD Store is an ideal way to enjoy opulent skin experiences. OROGOLD products have been formulated using gold as their signature ingredient to give you an opulent route to effective skin care and younger looking skin.


Puebla Overview 
Puebla is located in the Puebla Valley at a distance of close to 68 miles from Mexico City. Once considered to be a center of Catholicism and conservatism, the city has finally managed to shatter its colonial-era shell and emerge as one of the best-preserved cities in the world. It boasts of a fascinating city center, a breathtaking cathedral and a thriving nightlife and art scene. With more than 1000 colonial-era buildings and 70 churches in its historic center alone, Puebla also tantalizes architecture lovers with its unparalleled architectural brilliance and its painted ceramic tiles. The city was adorned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its relaxed atmosphere, hospitality, rich colonial history and colorful surroundings makes it the perfect destination to visit while in Mexico. However, the city’s claim to fame comes with the Cinco de Mayo, a festival that commemorates the victory over the French army by Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza.

The locals are most proud of their unique cuisine, considered to be one of the best in all of Mexico. The unique flavor found in Puebla dishes can be attributed to the city’s historic culinary tradition which originates from the blending of Spanish, Pre-Hispanic, Middle Eastern and French cultures. The most popular dish of Puebla is the Mole Poblano, a national dish that is painstakingly created using 30 different ingredients.

The OROGOLD Puebla Store
The Centro Comercial Angelópolis, or Angelópolis Mall, is a popular shopping center located in one of the poshest locales in Puebla, Mexico. The mall is considered to be a reference landmark for tourists as well as locals and home to some of the best brands in Puebla. It is anchored by brands such as Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, C&A, Sears and Sanborns and is considered to be a common meeting place for the locals.

The OROGOLD Puebla Store is also located here. This luxury skin boutique is the perfect way to pamper your skin while in Puebla. It offers our entire range of OROGOLD products as well as signature services such as free skin consultations, complimentary product demonstrations and VIP facials.


Villahermosa Overview 
The capital of the Mexican state of Tabasco, Villahermosa’s name means ‘beautiful city’, and while it may not strike you as such immediately upon arrival, it is most definitely a place that will grow on you and capture a spot in your heart. Villahermosa looked quite different back in the 70’s, but thanks to the money brought in from oil, the city has been transformed into an area that features spacious boulevards, modern architecture, sprawling parks, and plenty of cultural hot-spots.

Out of all of Villahermosa’s attractions, it is the Parque-Museo La Venta, created in 1958, that welcomes the most visitors. This outdoor park, zoo and museum will fascinate adults and children alike, with the zoo featuring free-ranging animals to conjure up a jungle atmosphere. The park is actually set on the edge of Parque Tomás Garrido Canabal, which stretches along the shores of Laguna de Ilusiones, a large lake. Here, you can rent boats to reach Mirador de los Aguilas, a tower in the middle of the lake that you can climb for some beautiful views. There are also plenty of walking trails in the area for those who want to explore further.

For those who are seeking some culture, there are a few spots in Villahermosa that OROGOLD would definitely recommend. Other than the museum at Parque-Museo La Venta, the Museo de Historia de Tabasco is also worth a visit. Located inside a building that is elaborately covered with dazzling cobalt tiles, the exhibitions are a great way to learn about the history of Tabasco. Art lovers should head to Musevi, a bridge that was built to celebrate the bicentenary of Mexico’s independence. At the top of the bridge is a museum that houses the works of a fantastic array of talented regional artists.

After soaking up all of that history and culture, it is always nice to unwind with a spot of shopping, and Villahermosa has plenty of options to choose from. Zona Luz is a spacious cobblestone walkway that is open to pedestrians only, and is packed with a variety of shops and stalls. Plaza Galerias Tabasco 2000 is another shopping destination that many locals would consider to be the best in the city, with over 70 different shops and two large department stores located in this mall. For those of you who want to buy some local handicrafts, you will see these all over the city, but the areas with the best pieces are La Casa de las Artesanias Tabasquenas, as well as Mis Blancas Mariposas.

When it comes to accommodation, there is something to suit every budget, and the same can be said for Villahermosa’s delicious dining options. From Mero to Gourmet MX to La Cevicheria Tabasco, the restaurants in the city showcase traditional culinary techniques mixed with modern and innovative touches. Villahermosa is a city that has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years, but has been able to retain its sense of history and culture, making it a fantastic Mexican destination to visit for a short break.


Playa Del Carmen Overview
The trendy city of Playa del Carmen has become the fastest growing community in all of Mexico, and it is easy to see why. From the lively beach clubs to the hip restaurants and bars to the hotels that ooze luxury and style, it is no surprise that Playa del Carmen attracts a diverse range of tourists, as well as plenty of locals looking for a fun getaway.

While Playa del Carmen’s beaches and waters may not be as spectacular as other popular Mexican destinations, the city maintains a strong beach vibe, and its beaches are where many go to see-and-be-seen. There are several different beaches to choose from, as well as a variety of beach clubs with lounge chairs, beach beds and water toys for hire. You will find some great diving sites around, with one of the best ones being the underwater caves at the Hidden World Cenotes. Those of you who want to enjoy the water without actually being in it can opt for an afternoon of fishing or boating at the Puerto Aventuras Marina.

Playa del Carmen’s location means that it is a convenient base from which you can explore other parts of Mexico. Tulum is easy to get to, and is home to some Maya temples that are definitely worth viewing. Cozumel and Coba are also nearby, and these have some fantastic reefs – a must for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Many of the independent travelers that have visited Playa del Carmen over the years ended up staying to open their own restaurants, bars and clubs, meaning that the choices are eclectic and diverse. Playa del Carmen is a cosmopolitan city, meaning that you could be having a bowl of Thai noodles for lunch, and an Argentinian steak for dinner. There are still many restaurants that serve up traditional Maya cuisine, as well as authentic street food snacks sold at the beaches. La Quinta is the area to head to if you are seeking the city’s best nightlife, as this is where you will find some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in the city.

La Quinta is also one of the best shopping spots in Playa del Carmen, and the fact that it has been pedestrianized only makes a shopping trip more enjoyable. Keep an eye out for locally designed Manta clothing, garments made from Mexican cotton, as well as gorgeous textiles from all over the country. You will also find a variety of specialty shops, featuring everything from cocoa to tequila to Cuban cigars. The shopping that you will find here is some of the best shopping on the Caribbean coast, so be sure to allocate a few hours of your trip to indulge in some retail therapy.

Although Playa del Carmen is rapidly becoming more and more developed, building-height restrictions have allowed it to retain its unique laid-back vibe. If you find yourself needing some respite from the crowds, it is easy to step out of the tourist zone and enjoy Playa del Carmen’s beaten path. From the incredible diving spots to the sprawling beaches to the hip bars and restaurants, Playa del Carmen’s beachy atmosphere mixed with its cosmopolitan style makes it a Mexican destination like no other.


Puerto Vallarta Overview 
Puerto Vallarta is home to part of the Banderas Bay, widely considered to be one of the most stunning bays in the world. It attracts over 4 million tourists annually, and has a sizable population of retired expatriates from North America and Europe. From visiting old-style fishing villages and colonial houses with red Spanish roofs, to water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, it’s unlikely that you’ll tire of things to do. Be sure to check out the charming local church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, to understand the symbolism of its architecture.

OROGOLD Puerto Vallarta Store
La Isla is a well-known chain of shopping centers in Mexico developed by GICSA, and its Puerto Vallarta branch is its most recent development. This lifestyle mall is located on Avenue Francisco Ascencio, where hotels are abundantly peppered and the downtown area is within walking distance. Here, you’ll find international brands such as American Eagle and Bershka in close proximity to successful local restaurants like De Santos, as well as VIP cinemas where you can experience first-class dining while enjoying your chosen film. Our OROGOLD store is also located here.


San Miguel de Cozumel Overview

The capital of Cozumel, as well as the island’s only city, San Migel de Cozumel can be found on the west coast of the island, directly across from the party spot of Playa del Carmen. Although only 12 miles away, San Miguel de Cozumel is much quieter and more laid back, although it can become busy when the cruise ships are in. This is a safe and family-oriented city, making it no surprise that it has been growing in popularity in recent years.

With San Miguel de Cozumel being one of the main tourism hubs on the Riviera Maya, a significant portion of town is dedicated to the tourism industry. You will find several shops and restaurants aimed at tourists, but venture a little deeper and you will discover the true heart and soul of the city. From its cobbled streets and traditional markets to its historic churches and Mayan heritage, there is plenty of culture to be found in San Miguel de Cozumel, so long as you know where to look.

In terms of shopping, there is plenty to choose from. The outdoor malls and markets are always fun, while the street vendors selling everything from pottery to liqueurs to hammocks are a great place to bag a bargain. Of course, there are plenty of bigger brand names to be found here too, such as the OROGOLD Cosmetics store. Head over here to treat your skin to some luxury, with complimentary gold-infused facials, product demonstrations, expert skin care advice, and so much more.


Santiago de Querétaro Overview

Usually referred to as just Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro is not only the capital of Querétaro, but has also been the capital of Mexico a couple of times in the past. This city is literally filled with history, from its Baroque architecture to its historic monasteries and churches, which is why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The oldest part of the city is the Plaza de Independencia, with its cobblestone streets, colonial mansions and outdoor restaurants. Not too far away are some must-visit museums, including the Museo de la Ciudad, which can be found in a former convent, and the Museo de Arte, whose building is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Mexico. There are around 20 museums altogether in the city to explore, all of which can be found within walking distance of each other. As you stroll around the city, you will also stumble upon several craft breweries and taprooms, with the craft beer scene in Santiago de Querétaro doing better than ever.

Querétaro is known for being quite the hotspot for shopping. Local craftsmen and artisans travel from surrounding districts to sell their goods in Querétaro, with most of them being traditional but wonderfully unique. Of course, there are plenty of bigger brands too that now call Querétaro their home, with OROGOLD being one of them. The OROGOLD store in Querétaro offers a luxurious respite from the frenetic energy of the city, providing your skin with everything it needs in order to truly glow in all of your vacation snaps.


Mérida Overview

The capital of Yucatan, as well as the state’s largest city, Mérida is considered to be an important cultural hub. This is why it has been voted as the American Capital of Culture twice in recent years. The city has a rich and fascinating history, pioneering everything from sisal production, which is a type of agave, to the invention of synthetic rope.

There are several museums dotted around Mérida to teach you more about the city’s heritage. The Gran Museo de Mundo Maya Merida is famous for housing over a thousand Mayan artefacts, while the Museo de Antropologia e Historia will teach you more about Mérida’s archaeology. More culture can be soaked up at the city’s art galleries, historical landmarks and colonial mansions, which are intermingled with restored pastel-colored buildings, giving the city a new lease of life.

While there is history to be found around every corner Mérida, the city boasts plenty of modern amenities too. Fabulous boutique hotels and fine dining restaurants fill the city, although there are always traditional street food stands around too. If you’re looking for some retail therapy, Mérida offers the perfect balance of local and international. There have always been many local vendors here, selling everything from handicrafts to jewelry, but there are now some bigger brands joining them, giving the city a cosmopolitan edge. The luxurious OROGOLD store is the perfect example of this, with product demonstrations, complimentary facials and the best skin care advice, all centered around decadent gold-infused skin care products.

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