Northern California

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The OROGOLD San Mateo Store
The OROGOLD Cosmetics Store is located in Zone E (Lower Level) of the Hillsdale Shopping Center. Our OROGOLD San Mateo Store is famous as one of the best and most luxurious skin care destinations in the city. This exciting OROGOLD store offers visitors with a vast array of skin care products that can help them tackle all sorts of skin issues and also offers them with exemplary services which take luxury skin care to an entirely new level.

Step into the OROGOLD store, enjoy our free product demonstrations, and treat your skin to the luxury that it truly deserves.

Address: Hillsdale Shopping Center, 60 31st Ave #140, San Mateo, CA 94403

Contact No: 650-571-5582

Store Hours: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.:00 AM – 07:00 PM (Sunday)

Favorite Employee: Avi

The OROGOLD Sacramento Store
The OROGOLD Store is located on Level 1 of the Arden Fair Mall. The OROGOLD Sacramento Store offers its customers with access to signature services like free VIP facials, skin consultations and product demonstrations and it also takes them on a luxurious journey of caring for their skin using the best possible skin care products and solutions. A trip to the OROGOLD Store is an ideal way of taking care of your skin and protecting it from the signs of aging.

Address: Arden Fair Mall, 1689 Arden Way #1031, Sacramento, CA 95815

Contact No: 916-920-3388

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.00AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD 758 Market Street Store, San Francisco
The OROGOLD Market Street Store is one of the most popular skin care stores in San Francisco. It offers customers with our entire range of OROGOLD collections and also provides them with signature services like free skin consultations, free product demonstrations and VIP facials. OROGOLD Cosmetics also operates a kiosk in Market Street.

Address: 758 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103 (Store)

Contact No: 415-618-0303

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 08.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.30AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

Favorite Employee: David

The OROGOLD Powell Street Store
The OROGOLD Powell Street Store has become very popular among locals and tourists because of its opulent interiors, central location, exciting treatments and complimentary skin consultations.

Address: 450 Powell St., San Francisco, CA 94108

Contact No: (415) 951-1929

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 08.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.30AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)


The OROGOLD Roseville Store
The OROGOLD Roseville Store is located on Level 2 of the Westfield Galleria at Roseville. The OROGOLD Roseville Store offers customers with opulent decors, exciting anti-aging gold based skin care products, signature OROGOLD specials and superb services. Indulge in a complimentary facial or an OROGOLD product demonstration and see for yourself how these products can transform your skin care routines and take them to the next level.

Address: Galleria at Roseville, 1151 Galleria Blvd #255, Roseville, CA 95678

Contact No: 916-781-0167

Store Hours: 08.00AM – 10.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.00AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD Foothills Blvd Store
The OROGOLD Roseville Store is located in Foothills Boulevard. This store features an opulent gold-themed setting to faciliate ultimate relaxation. Enjoy our VIP facials, product demonstrations and exclusive promotions.

Address: 9071 Foothills Blvd #6 Roseville, CA 95747



Northern California Overview
northern-californiaNorthern California, often known rs NorCal, refers to the northern areas of the state of California in the US. This region covers about 48 counties in California and is home to the San Francisco Bay Area, the main population center in the state. The area comprises of some of the main cities of California like San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento and it its boundaries also encompass the Yosemite Valley, Sierra Nevada, redwood forests, Mount Shasta and a part of Lake Tahoe.

Northern California was first occupied by Native Americans between the years 8000 – 5000 BC. Successive arrivals to the state made it one of the most populated pre-Columbian North America areas. Although European explorers arrived in NorCal around the 16th century, they did not begin to settle down before the year 1770. The Monterey Spanish mission was the first European Settlement in NorCal.

The climate of Northern California ranges from warm to marine Mediterranean type climates along the coastal areas, Alpine climates in the mountains and a Continental Mediterranean climate in the valleys.

Ever since the California Gold Rush, NorCal has always ranked as one of the top scientific, cultural and economic leaders in the world. From the development of logging practices and gold mining techniques in the 19th century that were adopted all over the world to world famous brands and companies, NorCal has always been at the forefront of business and economic innovations. It has been home to all sorts of scientific advances and breakthroughs, particularly in the field of microchip technology. The cultural contributions of Clint Eastwood, George Lucas and Ansel Adams cannot be ignored either. Finally, Northern California also hosts one of the largest West Coast US Air Force Bases, the Travis Air Force Base.

Apart from economics and commerce, Northern California has also been at the forefront when it comes to tourism. The area is home to beautiful natural preserves, untouched forests and rugged trails. It also features all sorts of music festivals, fine dining sites and exhilarating sights and attractions. The 31-mile stretch that is known as the Avenue of the Giants is famous for its humongous redwood trees and is one of the most famous attractions of Northern California. The Crescent Beach and Glass Beach are also known to be quite famous on the international map. Cities like Sacramento (home to the Sacramento Zoo, the California Capitol and the Old Sacramento State Historic Park) and San Francisco (home to the Golden Gate Bridge and Aquarium of the Bay) also ensure that there is never a shortage of things to see and do while in NorCal.

The ideal way to explore Northern California is to rent your own car at your point of entry. Although public transportation systems are quite decent in the main cities, if you really want to explore the true beauty of NorCal, you need to venture away from the cities, and for that you need to have your own mode of transportation.

So pack your bags and explore the breathtaking array of sights that NorCal has to offer. Don’t forget to visit the OROGOLD stores in San Francisco, San Mateo, Sacramento or Roseville during your holidays.



San Mateo Overview
San Mateo is a city located in the high-tech Silicon Valley and has a population of about 100000 people. It lies at a distance of just 25 minutes from San Francisco and about 30 minutes from San Jose. The city has been documented as a part of the Rancho San Mateo and the Rancho de las Pulgas by Spanish colonists. It began as a Native American Village that was named as Los Laureles by the Spanish in the year 1789. By the year 1810, Coyote Point became the earliest recorded feature of San Mateo.

The city’s development began in the year 1850s when the rich and famous of San Francisco began to build their summer houses in the city. Most of the city’s early development occurred close to Burlingame and Hillsborough and a number of historic mansions are still located there. One of the prominent people at the time, A.P. Giannini (the man who founded the Bank of Italy), lived most of his life in San Mateo and his mansion, Seven Oaks, now finds a place in the National Register of Historic Places.

San Mateo is particularly famous for its breathtaking natural beauty. Its main highlight is the Coyote Point Park. Today, Coyote Point is home to a number of exciting landmarks such as the CuriOdyssey and the Peninsula Humane Society. San Mateo is also home to all sorts of natural habitats such as woodland, oak, bayland marshes and riparian zones. Two of the most endangered species in the country, the California Clapper Rail and the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, are also known to be found here. The Sugarloaf Mountain, a prominent landform that features chaparral and oak woodland habitats is also located here. This mountain is home to the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in San Mateo is Central Park. The park is famous for its picturesque Japanese Tea Garden and it has a number of small trains that excite children on each weekend throughout the year. The downtown San Mateo area is also famous among tourists due to the presence of all sorts of restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities. Until recently, the city was also home to the only horse racing track in the San Francisco Peninsula, the Bay Meadows. Finally, the Coyote Point Recreation Area is also worth a visit while in San Mateo.

The pleasant climate, a diverse mix of locals, exciting downtown happenings and close proximity to the Half Moon Bay, San Francisco and Coyote Point also makes the city an ideal destination for tourists. You can literally get access to all sorts of sights and activities within just 20 minutes from San Mateo.


The OROGOLD San Mateo Store
IMG_6148The Hillsdale Shopping Center is the most popular shopping mall in San Mateo. The mall is anchored by stores like Sears, Nordstrom and Macy’s and it also offers its visitors with approximately 130 stores and dining outlets. The mall is popular as an upscale outlet in San Mateo and it offers the tourists and locals with an exciting array of brands and products. Some of the most popular stores located in the Hillsdale Shopping Center include American Eagle Outfitters, Aldo, Baby Gap, Bebe, Ben Bridge, Cathy Jean, Coach, Gap, Guess, H&M, Lorna Jane, Michael Kors, Swarovski, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret and Wells Fargo. The most popular dining outlets located in the Hillsdale Shopping Center include Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Godiva, Just Panini, Outback Steakhouse, Paul Martin’s American Grill and Yumi Yoghurt.

Customer Review: So I first meet Avi two weeks ago and he demonstrated the Orogold skin care line, I feel in love instantly! I am going home with everything I need to feel amazing and care for my skin. I will recommend this line to all my friends and family. Client for life.” – Zema P., OROGOLD Customer.



Sacramento Overview
IMG_6258Sacramento, the capital of California, isn’t just a political powerhouse anymore. A rich theater scene, beautiful tree-lined streets, charming adventures, a coastal way of life and laid back restaurants also make it one of the best travel destinations in Northern California. The city might be overlooked by most tourists in favor of the more glamorous destinations in California, but those who do know more about the city vouch for its rich educational and historic attractions that are sure to entertain and enthrall each and every member of the family.

The city is often known as a city of contrasts. It is a former cow town and a modern day state capital. As a result, it is quite normal to see those state SUVs running side-by-side to those muddy farmer pickups. The city also features a bustling and sprawling suburban area, upscale boutiques, excellent shopping facilities and an exciting dining and nightlife scene. The ubiquitous farmers markets located here are also known to be particularly famous.

Sacramento enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Since the city lies further inland than most major cities in California, it also features more variations in temperature. The winter highs usually hover between the 40s – 50s with nighttime temperatures often dropping below the freezing point. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for the temperatures to cross the 100s during those hot summer months. The city experiences most of its rainfall between the Fall and Spring seasons. The winter months are not known for rainfall, but it can become really foggy during the winters, with visibility often dropping to 30m.

The best way to get into Sacramento is through the Sacramento International Airport, the main airport in the city. The airport is located at a distance of just 15 minutes from the city center and it offers excellent connections to most major cities in California and around the US. You might want to hire your own car while leaving the airport. Although a number of shuttles and buses ply through the city, having your own car is surely the best way of exploring everything that the capital of California has to offer.

As a state capital, Sacramento surely has its fair share of historic attractions. Some of the top historic attractions of the state such as the Governor’s Mansion, California State Capitol Building, Sutter’s Fort and the Railroad Museum are located here. Families will also want to check out the wildlife at the Sacramento Zoo while culture buffs and foodies will not be able to miss out on the charms of Old Sacramento.

Shopaholics can have an amazing time in Sacramento because of the presence of exciting shopping avenues like Antiques Plaza, Old Sacramento, Arden Fair Mall, Country Club Plaza Mall, Pavilions and Roseville Galleria.

Other popular tourist attractions in the city include the Crocker Art Museum (one of the first and most prominent art museums in the US), the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament (famous for its impressive architecture), the California Automobile Museum, Fairytale Town (a must visit for all children traveling to Sacramento) and the Tower Bridge.


The OROGOLD Sacramento Store
IMG_6158The Arden Fair Mall is a two-level shopping mall that covers an area of more than 1100000 sq. ft. and is home to more than 165 stores. The mall is anchored by Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom and Sears and is considered to be one of the premier shopping destinations in the city. The Arden Fair Mall is home to some of the best brands in Sacramento such as Apple, Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor, Baby Gap, Bebe, Cathy Jean, Coach, Crocs, Forever 21, Lego, Michael Kors, Spencer’s, Victoria’s Secret, White House Black Market and Zumiez. It is also home to an exciting array of restaurants such as BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Godiva, Nordstrom Café, Seasons 52, Starbucks and Maggiano’s Little Italy. From the latest styles to the hottest brands, you can find everything that your heart desires at the Arden Fair Mall.



San Francisco Overview
san franciscoSan Francisco, one of the most popular cities in California, is the main showpiece in the Bay Area. It is famous for its beautiful architecture, foggy skies, amazing diversity, a liberal lifestyle and hilly terrains. There are very few cities in the world that can manage to offer tourists with the kind of lifestyle and atmosphere that San Francisco has to offer. Despite its larger than life image, San Francisco is actually quite compact (it is located on 49 sq. miles of land).

Some of the things that make San Francisco so popular among tourists include excellent dining opportunities, a hot and happening theater scene, breathtaking natural beauty, a fast paced lifestyle, a lively atmosphere and easy day trips to destinations like the Napa Valley and Sonoma County Vineyards.

Yes, the city is a little foggy (well, it has a lot of fog), but you can easily ignore the fog when you learn about all that you can see and do in San Francisco. Explore attractions like the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Aquarium by the Bay and enjoy some of the best restaurants and nightclubs on the West Coast by the night. Just remember to stay away from areas where crime is high, particularly at night.

San Francisco is also known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can explore the city at your leisure and take in its unique neighborhoods or choose to enjoy day tours to exciting destinations like Monterey and Salinas Valley. The Napa Valley Wine Train is particularly to be one of the most famous tours close to San Francisco.

A leisurely trip to San Francisco is all about its unique neighborhoods. Some of the most popular ethnic neighborhoods in the city include Chinatown, North Beach, Mission District, Russian Hill, Sunset and Richmond. Travelers are also likely to fall in love with the temperate weathers and the countless activities that can keep history lovers, culture vultures, foodies, party freaks, outdoor enthusiasts and Shopaholics occupied for days at a stretch.

As they say, some cities in the world are known for their scenery, some are known for their food, some for their history and some of their rich culture. San Francisco is a city that has the very best of all. It is quite possible to enjoy all sorts of vast and varied attractions in a single day, thereby making the city one of the top spots for families.

As you venture out of the city, you are treated to old world redwood forests that offer you with a life of their own. And the best part is that irrespective of where you go, you are never far from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Some of the most popular things to see and do in San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay, Walt Disney Family Museum, Golden Gate Park, The Exploratorium, Fisherman’s Wharf and Aquarium by the Bay.


The OROGOLD Stores in San Francisco
There are three OROGOLD Cosmetics stores in and around the city of San Francisco – The OROGOLD Market Street Store, OROGOLD Powell St. Store, and the OROGOLD Stonestown Galleria Store. Both stores offer you with amazing products for your skin and help you to deal with aging. Both stores are also famous for their superb service and luxurious interiors.


The OROGOLD Market Street Store, San Francisco
glendale-storeMarket Street, popularly known as the Champs Elysees of San Francisco, is one of the most famous shopping promenades in the city. It is famous for its amazing hotels and shops as well as its breathtaking architecture. Market Street is also known to be one of the main transit arteries of San Francisco throughout the ages. Today, the area is extremely popular for the unparalleled shopping opportunities that it has to offer to its visitors. If you’re looking for amazing restaurants, exciting shopping, world famous brands, discounted goods or designer wares, Market Street is the place to go to. Some of the most famous brands located here include Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus Last-Call on Market, the Westfield Mall and Marshall’s.

Customer Review: “Have been using the products for a year or so. The improvement that I have seen is remarkable and I’m so glad I started! I love the way the daily moisturizer feels on my face and it’s perfect for combination skin. No more breakouts”. – Angela B, OROGOLD Customer


The OROGOLD Powell Street Store
Powell Street, one of the top shopping destinations in the city, is located close to some of San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions such as the Yerba Beuna Gardens, Theater District, Union Square, Moscone Convention Center, and the cable cars. Shopping in Powell St and its surrounding areas can become quite tiresome, and this is why you need to relax and rejuvenate yourself from time to time. Nearby cafes and eateries such as Starbucks, Loris Pizzeria and Golden Gate Grill might refresh your taste buds, but a trip to the OROGOLD store is an ideal way to rejuvenate your body and senses.



Roseville Overview
Roseville, formerly known as Grider’s and Roseville Junction, is the largest city in Placer County, California. Roseville lies in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area and it has a population of more than 125000 people. The city is connected to the rest of the state by the Interstate 80 and the State Route 65.

Roseville was originally established as a stagecoach station known as Griders. It began to witness development from the year 1909 after the Southern Pacific Railroad shifted its facilities to Roseville from Rocklin. Ever since, the city witnessed an elongated period of expansion and more than 100 structures were built all over the city, including the largest ice manufacturing plant in the world.

Despite its development, Roseville remained to be a railroad town for many decades, with railroad employing more than 1/5th of the population. The town once again moved towards development with rail yards becoming extremely busy due to the advent of the World War II. The post-war building boom helped Roseville to develop further and by the 1950s, the city had dramatically changed itself from a stagecoach station to a developing town in the US.

Roseville enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. The rainy season usually lasts from October – April. The average daytime highs are around 54°F around January and 95°F in the month of July/ August.

Today, Roseville is home to a variety of businesses. Apart from being a huge retail center, it is also home to one of the largest Auto Malls in the US. Some of the top companies located here include Kaiser Permanente, Hewlett-Packard, Union Pacific Railroad, PRIDE Industries, Cokeva and Telefunken.

The city also manages to attract a fair stream of tourists because of the presence of attractions like the Roseville Golfland SunSplash and the Maidu Interpretive Center Museum. The Roseville Golfland SunSplash offers visitors with exciting arcade games, a go-karting track, a water park and two 18-hole golf courses. The wave pool is particularly known to be quite famous. The Maidu Interpretive Center Museum is home to amazing displays and beautiful art exhibits. The story of the “Trail of Tears” is one of the museum’s main highlights.

Travelers visiting Roseville can also delight themselves with some exciting shopping opportunities, most of which can be found at the Galleria at Roseville and along the Foothills Boulevard. Other popular shopping avenues include the Fountains at Roseville and Antique Trove.

The OROGOLD Roseville Store

The Westfield Galleria at Roseville is the most popular shopping mall in Roseville, US. The mall is a part of the Westfield Group and it is located at the junction of Interstate 80 and Interstate 65. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville is home to a number of world class retailers, luxury brands, upscale boutiques and exciting dining destinations. It offers visitors with an elegant setting and has more than 240 stores.

The mall is anchored by Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom and Sears. Other popular retailers located here include Tommy Bahama, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Lululemon Athletica, H&M, True Religion, Crate & Barrel, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Hugo Boss, Urban Outfitters, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Some of the most popular restaurants at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville include Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory and II Fornaio.


The OROGOLD Foothills Boulevard Store

Running almost all the way through the center of Roseville, Foothills Boulevard is the epicenter of retail and dining in the city. You will encounter such a wide variety of stores here, from fashion boutiques and jewellers to cosmetic brands, florists, pet shops and so much more. While there are a couple of big brand names here, most of the retailers are independent and unique, ensuring a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Some of the best cafes and restaurants in Roseville can also be found along Foothills Boulevard. Whether you are in the mood for Italian, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, or even just a simple cup of quality coffee, this is the street to head to.

When you need a break from the frenetic energy of Foothills Boulevard, take in the greenery at some of the nearby city parks. The 13 acre Kasebury Park offers a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city, while Wanish Park is small, scenic and shaded with trees – perfect for a hot Californian day.

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