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OROGOLD Bareeq Al Shatti Mall Store 
The Bareeq Al Shatti Mall is a part of one of the grandest real estate projects in Muscat. This residential-cum-commericial complex enjoys fascinating views of the sea and the mountains, and is home to 239 apartments spread over 5 floors and a mall on the ground floor. Centally located in Muscat, Bareeq Al Shatti is within walking distance from the Shatti beach and the Intercontinental Hotel. The mall is home to some of the top international and local brands, and offers all sorts of items such as fashionwear,  accessories, garments, furniture, jewelry, leather-made goods and perfumes. Some of the top restaurants located here include Hoot Pot & Grills, The Steak Company, B+F Roadside Diner, Wasabi Sushi, Ubhar and Alaba Cafe.

Address: Bareeq Al Shatti Mall, Building No. 21-22-23, Way No: 2817, Al Sarooj 228, Shatti Al Qurum, Muscat, Oman

Contact No: 1-877-554-1777

Store Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Saturday – Thursday)
05:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Friday)

Oman Overview
Grand Mosque in Muscat. Oman

Roughly the size of Germany, Oman is the second largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, and stands apart from its neighbours due to how it has retained its ancient soul, but in a way that has been influenced and reshaped by the modern West. Unlike the UAE, progress has been cautiously deliberated in Oman, and its strong sense of identity and heritage makes it the ideal destination for those who want to experience traditional Old Arabia.

Muscat, Oman’s whitewashed capital, is a clean and attractive city, and has the main international airport in the country, making it a popular transition point for many travellers. The city has plenty to see, from Muscat Harbour and Port, to The Portuguese Fort to the Zawawi Mosque, and is also full of shopping malls and boutiques, as well as restaurants and cafés.

However, those who want to fully experience a more historic city, a visit to Niswa, one of the oldest towns in Oman, is recommended. The country has many other cities, each of interest for different reasons, from the industrial hub of Sohar to the coastal city of Sur, to Salalah, otherwise known as the perfume capital of Arabia.

Although you will find many restaurants, both international and local, all over the country, locals in the cities prefer to dine at hotel restaurants. Outside of the cities, eating out is not that common, so most of the eateries that you will find will be small coffeeshops, roadside shwarma stands and the occasional Middle Eastern restaurant.

In addition to its varied cities, Oman is also an area of immense natural beauty, and is frequently visited by lovers of the outdoors. The Bimmah Sinkhole, although a bit of a climb to reach, is absolutely mesmerizing, while the Al Mughsayl blowholes display the true power of nature. The Al-Hoota Cave, which can be reached by Oman’s only train, boasts some of the country’s most spectacular limestone wonders, while the Al Haja Mountains show off even more of Oman’s geological attractions.

Of course, Oman also has its share of deserts, and these make for some great outdoor activities. The Empty Quarter, just north of Salalah, is not only the largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula, but is also an area that was never fully explored until 80 years ago, making it the best place to go for an adrenaline-fuelled off-road driving experience. The Wahiba Sands is the desert to go to for camel riding, after which you can spend an evening enjoying a traditional desert barbecue under the stars. For a trip in a traditional dhow, a type of boat that has been used by fishing villages for generations, head to the Musandam Peninsula, an area that is often described as the Norway of Arabia due to its many stunning fjords. There are also plenty of other water sport opportunities throughout Oman, from deep sea fishing to diving to windsurfing, and equipment is readily available in Muscat and Salalah. With traditional villages, ancient landmarks, sprawling plantations, and a whole variety of natural points of interest, Oman offers up everything that you could possibly desire from a visit to Arabia.

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