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The OROGOLD Moscow Store
Since its launch, the OROGOLD Cosmetics store in Moscow has emerged as one of the top luxury skin care brands in the world, offering customers opulent gold-based products and solutions for their skin.

Address: Vegas City Mall, 24km MKAD, Moscow, Russia.

Contact No: 7 903 160 40 70

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 22.00PM (Monday – Sunday).

Russia Overview

russiaRussia, the largest country in the world, offers its visitors with an array of attractions and landscapes to fulfill each and every wish. The country is particularly popular for leisure activities, cycling and walking and there is no shortage of things to see and do while in the country. Russia, also famous as the land of Joseph Stalin, Tolstoy, Pushkin and Catherine the Great, has captivated its visitors for several decades due to the mystery and aura surrounding this exotic country. Rolling hills, forests, plains, vast rivers, rugged mountains, world class cities, historic towns and lakes are just some of the things that Russia has to offer. It is considered to be one of the best countries for eco-tourism and the food found all over its vast landscapes is nothing short of divine. Irrespective of how much you know about this country, there is always more than what meets the eye.

Most travelers visiting Russia tend to focus on its western end, where cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow lie. Both these cities are famous for their wide range of tourist attractions, delightful history, beautiful culture, communist era buildings, art galleries, museums and exciting nightlife. However, Russia actually extends all the way to the Black Sea. Tourists never venture to its Far East, but port cities like Khabarovsk and Vladivostok can prove to be particularly exciting for those who dare to try. And anyone wanting to check out the beautiful Russian landscape simply has to hop onto the 6-day journey offered by the world famous Trans-Siberian Railway. Russia might not be overly friendly to its travelers and it might take some time to getting used to the country, but irrespective of how long you plan to stay in Russia, you’re never going to get disappointed. It offers you with an unparalleled sense of adventure and the thrill of relishing its countryside, meeting hospitable Russians and striking up passionate conversations with total strangers really makes a trip to Russia worthwhile. You could even choose to climb up an active volcano that is located in Kamchatka.

Since the country stretches across nine time zones and covers 5000 miles, traveling by air is the most practical option that you have. However, if you do have the time, try to travel by train to enjoy the true natural beauty that this exciting country has to offer. The Russian trains might not be luxurious, but they are almost always comfortable and on time.

The ideal time to visit Russia is in the warm summer months. The winters are extremely cold and the months of July to August are usually full of rain. This makes the months of May – June and September – October the perfect time to visit Russia. Those visiting the country in the summers can cruise down the Volga River or relax in resort towns like Gelendzhik, Sochi and Kaliningrad. Those visiting the area in the winters can simply head over to the popular ski resorts like Kransaya Polyana and Dombai.

Some of the main highlights of a trip to Russia include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Kamchatka, the Volga region, Lake Baikal and Kizhi Island.


Moscow Overview
Moscow, the historical capital of the Russian Federation, is one of the most iconic cities in the world that has played a huge role in world history and the development of the Russian state. The city was once known to be the capital of the great Soviet Union and signs of an era bygone can still be found in the Kremlin Complex and the Red Square. The city is home to more than 10 million people and has always been popular as a city of contrasts. It is home to beautiful architectural gems and is also considered to be the political, business and scientific center of Russia.

Moscow has always been at the epicenter of Russian Arts and you can enjoy some of the finest classical music, ballet and theater in this city. Moscow also offers its visitors with a lively club scene as well as a wealth of historic sites to choose from. Trips to the Kremlin and the Red Square are a must, but don’t forget to check out the beautiful domes of the St. Basil’s Cathedral and the gigantic Kremlin Walls. However, the main delights that Moscow has to offer can be found in walking tours of its scenic neighborhoods.

The city’s existence dates all the way back to the year 1147 when it began its journey as an isolated town that was populated by a Finnish tribe. The city was completely sacked in the year 1237, but slowly rebuilt itself as it drew refugees from all over Russia. It emerged as the capital of Russia way back in the 1400s after Prince Dimitry Donskoi triumphed over the Mongols. There was a brief period when the capital of Russia was shifted from Moscow to St. Petersburg, but Moscow re-emerged as the Russian Capital under Lenin’s regime. The city might have had a difficult history, but it has managed to overcome every challenge thrown its way to emerge as one of the most cultural and delightful cities in the world. Today, Moscow is popular as a modern European city that has been built on rock-solid foundations and basic democratic principles.

Moscow has always been a fascinating place to visit, but it isn’t known to be cheap. Moreover, there are certain pockets of Moscow that are considered to be very unsafe for tourists.  The restaurants of Moscow are usually considered to be a luxury, but there are all sorts of local eateries and fast food joints that can be found all over the city. The perfect time to visit Moscow is during the warm summer months that last from May – August. The winters are best avoided due to the bitter cold and the dull and boring days.

A trip to Moscow is considered to be ideal for any traveler wanting to check out some of the most iconic sights and architectural wonders in the world as well as those wanting to explore what makes Russia tick. Some of the things worth exploring in Moscow include the iconic Red Square, the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the imposing Kremlin walls and trips to the 19th century Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Don’t forget to window shop at the GUM Department Store or try out the pelmini (Russian dumplings) and blinchiki (Russian pancakes). Watching a show at the Bolshoi Theater and exploring the Russian nightlife are other things to do while in Moscow.


The OROGOLD Moscow Store
Russia-St.Petersburg02The Vegas Shopping Centre was inaugurated in the year 2010 and it has emerged as one of the most popular shopping malls in Russia ever since. This unusual shopping complex is considered to be the first of its kind because it occupies a space of almost 400000 sq. m. of land area and about 130000 sq. m. of retail space. The mall is also considered to be the only shopping mall in Russia that is home to an indoor extreme entertainment park. Other attractions found in the Vegas Shopping Centre include a 19m Tower of Fame, an ice skating rink, an 18m Ferris Wheel, a multiplex and 3D and 5D screens. You can also find all sorts of luxury brands and exciting cafes and restaurants at the Vegas Shopping Center in its beautifully decorated “streets” such as Fashion Avenue, the Ginza and the Jewellers Street.

The OROGOLD Cosmetics Store in Moscow is located at the Vegas Shopping Centre. A trip to the OROGOLD Moscow Store is an ideal way to get access to a wide range of products and collections that can help you to bring back beautiful looking skin in no time.

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