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The OROGOLD Taipei Store
Our OROGOLD Store in Taipei is located in the Da’an District, the commercial hotspot of the city. On Zhongxiao East Road, you can find international and homegrown fashion outlets, as well as Taiwanese restaurants and novelty shops offering Hello Kitty figurines. Why not step into the world of luxury skin care while you’re browsing along this street, and enjoy a complimentary gold-infused facial with one of our skin specialists? Get to know our exclusive skin care products, and treat yourself to beautiful skin in-between exploring the temples and palaces of Taipei.

Address: No. 201, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106


Taiwan Overview


Taiwan, otherwise known as the Republic of China, is an independent government off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Generally experiencing tropical and subtropical climate, the island also experiences the East Asian Monsoon in May-June, as well as high-temperature summers.

Separated from mainland China by the Taiwan Strait, political aspiration in this country is polarized between Chinese reunification and Taiwanese independence. With over 23 million citizens and a relatively high regard for freedom of the press, Taiwan’s relationship with mainland China has been a contentious public issue since the 1990s. That said, both governments have moderated their views in recent years, in the interests of trade. China is currently Taiwan’s leading trading partner.

Surprisingly, for a country of less 30 million, Taiwan is the world’s most prominent hub of C-pop culture. The music industry has trained and marketed artists the likes of Leehom Wang, the American-born singer-songwriter who blends Chinese music elements with American R&B and hip-hop; Jolin Tsai, nicknamed the “Queen of C-pop” for her wide commercial appeal across Chinese-speaking countries; and S.H.E., the most successful and longest-lasting female pop band in the Taiwanese music industry. Academy Award-winning film director, Ang Lee, was also born in Taiwan, having produced some of the best-known films of the 21st century, including Brokeback Mountain, Hulk, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Taiwan is well-known for its many traditional festivals, including the Lantern Festival, during which you eat rice dumplings, answer lantern riddles, and calligraph your heart’s wishes before sending them to the gods. Another top attraction is the Dragon Boat Festival, during which large-scale activities are held in Taipei. The story goes that when the loyal state minister, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the Miluo River after having been falsely accused of treason, the locals took to their boats and raced out in droves to search for his body. Now, every year around the summer solstice, this festival commemorates the minister and the people who loved him by putting on Dragon Boat shows and races.

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