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The OROGOLD Istanbul Store
The OROGOLD store in Istanbul is located on the busy shopping street of Abdi İpekci Caddesi. Visit us for a relaxing afternoon before or after your shopping, and enjoy complimentary product demonstrations and VIP facials.

Address: Abdi İpekci Cad. No:53 Side Apt., D:2, Tesvikiye,  Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey 34365

Turkey Overview

Turkey Istanbul mosqueOften referred to as the “bridge between East and West”, Turkey is a transcontinental country, straddling both western Asia as well as eastern Europe. While this may be the case, Turkey has been shaped by so many cultures, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, all of which contribute to its enchanting and exotic ambience.

Turkey’s population of just under 80 million consists of such a diverse mix of ethnicities, many of whom arrived when the Ottoman Empire imploded and Turkey was first founded. This diversity is coupled with a surprisingly youthful population, with half of the country being under the age of 30, resulting in a vibrant and exciting culture.

With hot summers, and many coastal areas experiencing relatively mild winters, Turkey is a year-round destination, and attracts over 25 million visitors each year. Even though Turkish is the main language here, English is widely spoken, especially amongst younger generations, making it easy to get around and communicate. While its warm Mediterranean beach resorts are perfect for the warmer months, there are a number of wintersport opportunities for those who want to get active in the winter.

Turkey’s history is a rich one, dating back to ancient times, and this is one of the country’s main attractions. From the colossal ruins of Ephesus, a still-standing Roman city, to the opulent Topkapi Palace, you can experience snippets of Turkey’s history wherever you go in the country.

Not only does Turkey boast history, but it also has so much natural beauty. Each of its diverse landscapes are magical in their own right, from the vast Aegean olive groves to the valleys and rock formations of Cappadocia to the rolling hills on the south west coast.

Of course, Turkish cuisine needs a mention too, as this will no doubt be some of the finest food that you have ever eaten. From traditional Turkish Delight, which will taste completely unlike any other versions you have tried before, to the various kebabs, pastries and Turkish teas, there is no doubt that you will quickly love the food available in Turkey.


The only city in the world that straddles two continents, Istanbul is Turkey’s cultural and financial hub, and seems to buzz with energy 24 hours a day. 14 million people call this city home, making it one of the largest cities in the world, but one that still embraces and celebrates its diverse heritage.

The first point-of-call for many visitors to Istanbul is the Old City, where you will see incredible architecture from the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, as well as beautiful, opulent mosques. It would be extremely easy to spend your whole stay exploring the Old City, but this would not show you the more modern side of Istanbul, which you need to experience in order to really get a true flavor of the city.

Istanbul’s arts scene has been thriving for quite some time now, and you will find local artists and galleries sprinkled throughout the city, while the city’s young population ensures that the nightlife scene is equally exciting. For bars with a young, arty vibe, head to Nisantasi, while those seeking easy-going pub and wine houses should go to Kadikoy. Istanbul has no shortage of large nightclubs either, with two of the best ones being located in Ortakoy.

There is so much shopping to be done in Istanbul, which is hardly surprising considering the fact that its location meant that it historically controlled a number of major trade routes. There are plenty of glitzy shopping malls to be found, especially in the western suburbs and New Istanbul, but make sure you do not miss out on the traditional bazaars either. Haggling is a must at these, especially since prices are often bumped up for tourists.


One of Istanbul’s 32 districts, Sisli is quite an upmarket area, measuring around 30 square kilometres. This is a relatively new settlement within the city, and tends to be where many foreigners call home. In addition to the multiple luxury five star hotels located in Sisli, you will also find some of Istanbul’s finest shopping malls here, including Cevahir Mall, which is famous for being one of the biggest in Europe, and boasts over 300 shops and restaurants spread out over six floors. If you would prefer exclusive boutiques, check out the offerings at Rumeli Street, where you will find both local and international designers.

For those seeking a dose of history and culture, there are a few museums worth visiting in Sisli. The Ataturk Museum is dedicated to the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey, while the Istanbul Military Museum is one of the most highly acclaimed military museums in the world. Sisli has also been trying to make its mark on the art world, and it has done this with the Macka Modern Art Gallery, which celebrates a wide range of art disciplines from local Turkish artists, while helping to push them towards international fame.

While Sisli may be filled with so many awe-inspiring buildings, Macka Park is the perfect place to go when you are seeking a natural respite from city life. The scenery here is incredibly picturesque, and there is even an aerial cable car to give you a birds-eye view of your surroundings.

Make sure that you do not leave Sisli without touring some of its churches, mosques and palaces. The Ihlamur Palace has now been turned into a public museum, while the Tesvikiye Mosque is famous for its neo-baroque structure. Finally, the St. Esprit Cathedral is the second largest Roman Catholic church in Istanbul, and showcases some extraordinary art and architecture from the 1800s.

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