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The OROGOLD Barrie Store
The OROGOLD Barrie Store is located in the charming little town just north of Toronto. Amidst the local cultural and creative scene is the extravagant OROGOLD store, designed to bring you utmost comfort and care for your skin.

Address: Georgian Mall, 509 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON L4M 4Z8, Canada

Contact No: +1 (705) 725-9248

Store Hours: 09.30AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Friday).

09.30AM – 06.00PM (Saturday)

11.00AM – 05.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD Scarborough Store
The OROGOLD Scarborough Store fits right in with the towering skyscrapers and modern glass buildings. With complimentary facials, exclusive package, and one-to-one skin consultations, this store is sure to satisfy your every skin care need.

Address: Scarborough Town Centre, 300 Borough Drive, Scarborough, ON M1P4P5

Contact No: (416) 290-0454

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Friday).

09.30AM – 09.00PM (Saturday)

11.00AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD Brampton Store
The OROGOLD Brampton store celebrates the city’s rich multicultural scene by offering skin care solutions for every skin type. Discover what luxury skin care can do for you today by visiting our store here!

Address: Bramalea City Centre, 25 Peel Centre Dr, Brampton, ON L6T 3R5

Contact No: (647) 874-9994

Store Hours: 09.30AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Friday).

11.00AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD Toronto Store
Set in a luxurious boutique setting and featuring exclusive VIP facials, you can drop your worries and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with one of our skin care specialists. Let us help you achieve beautiful, radiant skin while you escape from the city.

Address: Holt Renfrew Center, 50 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, M4W 3L8

Contact No: 416-961-2727


Canada Overview
CanadaThe second largest country on the planet certainly offers its visitors all sorts of sights and smells that they can possibly imagine. From the beautiful looking coasts to sky hugging mountains, from exotic glaciers to lush rainforests, from exhilarating road trips to an extremely cool culture, there are many things that make Canada so unique. The entire country is spread across six time zones and there is always a perfect backdrop for all your ooh and aah moments. The natural diversity of Canada makes it an excellent playground for all outdoor lovers. Things like snowboarding, surfing and kayaking are very popular in areas like the Whistler Mountains, Nova Scotia and the South Nahanni River. Even the major cities and islands offer excellent outdoor attractions like walking tours, picturesque parks and pink sand beaches.

Canada might pale when compared to its next door neighbor, but it has certainly managed to grow into a modern, independent nation that has its own culture and identity. Many might find Canada to be colder, but it is always friendlier than its neighbor and the locals are extremely quick to point out the various things that make them feel proud to be a Canadian. Some of the most sophisticated cities in the world like Toronto and Vancouver are also located here. Quebec City is home to buildings and constructions that date back centuries, while Montreal has the largest French-speaking population outside of Paris.

Most of the tourism activity in Canada takes place during the summers because the temperature is much more bearable and outdoor activities can be found aplenty. You might not prefer the harsh Canadian winters, but Canada unfolds an exciting array of winter sights and attractions for those who decide to bear the strong winds and bitter colds. From some of the finest skiing and the largest ice skating rink in the world to some of the most famous festivals in the world, visiting Canada in the winters is certainly worth it.

Driving and flying are the ideal ways to explore the country. The vast distances between cities makes flying the only possible option to travel across Canada, while driving is considered to be the best way to explore the far flung areas and suburban delights. That being said, the main cities of Canada like Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver also offer decent public transportation options. Rail is another way to travel across Canada, particularly for those wanting to enjoy the scenic route. One of the most famous rail routes is the one between Toronto and Vancouver because of the splendid Rocky Mountain views that can be found along the way. Driving can be equally beautiful, particularly on the scenic routes like the Cabot Trail (Cape Brenton), Sea to Sky Highway (Vancouver) and the Icefields Parkway (Alberta).

While traveling to Canada some of the things that you might want to add to your itineraries include trips to the Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountain Tours, exploration tours of the 400 year old streets in Quebec City, scenic rides along the Rideau Canal, the breathtaking natural beauty of British Columbia and the historic attractions of Newfoundland.


Ontario Overview
Ontario's skylineOntario is home to almost 13 million people and its low-key atmosphere, cultural excitement, abundance of parks and exciting museums and restaurants ensure that there is always something to do. There are a number of fascinating destinations like the Lake Huron, Lake Erie, St. Jacobs, Elora and Fergus that also warrant a visit. Ontario is considered to be particularly popular among Canada’s immigrants and it is known to be one of the most populous provinces in the country. It usually ends up being the first stop for tourists entering Canada, not only due to the presence of exciting cities like Toronto, but also because of its vast wilderness and natural beauty.

Ontario is an ideal place to enjoy the scenic outdoors and it offers amazing activities like sightseeing, hiking, camping and swimming. It is home to the most number of freshwater lakes in the world and also boasts of having mesmerizing natural beauty. Spending a day at its beaches like the Sandbanks Provincial Park and Sauble Beach is a must and enjoying a cultural experience at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum and the Canadian Museum of Nature is very rewarding. If you plan to visit Ontario with your kids, don’t forget to add world famous child-friendly attractions like the Toronto Zoo, Wonderland and Wildwater Kingdom into your itineraries.

The tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, the CN Tower, is also located in Ontario. The most populous and multicultural city of Canada, Toronto, is also located here. The breathtaking Niagara Falls, usually considered to be more beautiful from the Canadian Falls is something that you simply cannot miss out on while visiting Ontario. Finally, the Rideau Canal, one of the most popular boating and ice skating sites in Canada is also located here.

Halfway between Ottawa and Toronto lies the Algonquin Provincial Park. The park is home to more than 2400 lakes and 745 miles of waterways. It is considered to be larger than the state of Delaware, USA and is known to have the largest freshwater beach on the planet, the Wasaga Beach. The Fathom Five National Marine Park also offers visitors with some of the best shipwrecks and dive sites in the country.

Most of the luxurious hotels in Ontario might be found in the cities of Ottawa and Toronto, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot find quality accommodations in other parts of the province. It is easy to find all categories of accommodations that suit all sorts of budgets across Ontario. However, you might want to pre-book your lodgings if you plan to visit Ontario during the peak season, or during the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa and the Waterloo Oktoberfest in Kitchener.

The major cities of Ontario boast of having some of the best public transit systems in the world. Very few cities have a more efficient subway, streetcar and bus network than Toronto and the light rail system of Ottawa is often known to rank among the very best in the world. Dependable transportation options might be hard to find in the smaller communities of Ontario, but it is not an entirely impossible task.

Some of the main highlights of a trip to Ontario include the checking out the views from the CN Tower on a clear day, sailing beneath the Niagara Falls, enjoying ice skating on the Rideau Canal, exploring the magnificent shipwrecks in the Fathom Five National Marine Park and hiking along the challenging trails in the Lake Superior Provincial Park.


OROGOLD Stores in Ontario
Each of our OROGOLD stores in Ontario offers a wide range of signature products and services that deliver some of the most luxurious and opulent solutions for your skin care routine. A trip to any one of these OROGOLD stores is particularly rewarding due to the excellent products and services as well as complimentary treatments like VIP facials that each one of these stores is famous for.

The OROGOLD Barrie Store
West Edmonten CanadaThe pleasant Canadian town of Barrie sits at the end of Kempenfelt Bay on lovely Lake Simcoe, little more than an hour north of Toronto. Barrie is also within an hour of the Muskoka region, a popular vacation destination for the famous and well-heeled. Its strategic location makes it an increasingly popular bedroom community for those who work in Toronto, though the city has always had its own economic base, which also continues to grow. Lake Simcoe, however, has been less exposed to industrial activity than some of the Great Lakes, making it a popular recreational attraction in its own right. The lake is also known as the home of its own native lake monster, known as Kempenfelt Kelly or Ipogogo, a canine-headed beast similar in other ways to the Loch Ness Monster.

Barrie’s historic downtown, centered on well-preserved and lively Dunlop Street, increasingly attracts tourism as well. A booming cultural and creative scene anchored by a strong presence of performing arts companies and venues helps bolster Barrie’s appeal for visitors and those who decide to settle permanently. Compared to other cities in the increasingly dense population and economic center of the Golden Horseshoe, Barrie, with about 140,000 people, offers a warmer, quieter experience that doesn’t compromise in terms of activities and proximity to both booming cities and tranquil cottage country.

The OROGOLD Scarborough Store
Beginning most likely with settlement by the Iroquois, the area north of Lake Ontario was an important crossroads for trade and travel. In the 17th century, lakes and rivers were humanity’s highways, and no bodies of water in North America could get a traveler further along in their journey than the Great Lakes and all the surrounding waterways. Toronto, as it is known today, was founded by British Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution, near where the canoe portage to Lake Simcoe, to the north, would have begun.

The region continued to boom as a trading center as the United States thrived, and railroads, industry, and transportation grew both north and south of the border. Relations between Britain and America were smoothed by cultural similarities and lucrative opportunities, and Toronto was a major beneficiary. Still, Montreal remained far ahead of Toronto in terms of influence until around the 1970s, when the separatist movement in the province of Quebec grew stronger and, at times, violent. In some ways, this turmoil led to Toronto’s newfound dominance as the economic leader of all of Canada, after major English-speaking business interests fled Montreal.

Only in the 2010s does it feel as though Toronto has entered its phase of true maturation into the undisputed cultural epicenter of Canada, a triumph of diversity, and a global magnet for talent and wealth. The city’s markets, dizzyingly multicultural food scene, regional microbreweries and wineries, its museums, art and music scenes, media, and finance compete on a global level. Toronto has long been an important place, but now it is learning to become a fascinating and rewarding one as well, for long-time residents and first-time visitors alike. Newcomers should make an effort to wander – this city is still new blood, in a sense, and many of the best attractions lie hidden outside the downtown core. Still, those seeking luxury and high-end tastes, sights, and sounds will not be disappointed by a stay in the central forest of skyscrapers and glass towers.

The OROGOLD Brampton Store
Brampton is a pleasant Ontario town that increasingly looks like a much bigger city. Typical of communities in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton has grown into a much more amorphous entity, absorbing communities at its boundaries and taking on thousands upon thousands of new residents as demand for real estate has grown. In the 1970s, Brampton was a Toronto suburb of little more than 40,000 people. Today, over half a million people call themselves Bramptonians, many of them immigrants. People of South Asian descent have flocked to the city, with Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi immigrants and their families forming close to 40% of the city’s population, making Punjabi the second most common language and establishing a clear cultural influence on the city. Brampton has proven popular with immigrants overall, as reflected in the annual Carabram festival, an event celebrating the diverse range of cultures who have come to live side by side in this peaceful city, with pavilions for each of several communities.

Part of Brampton’s appeal for immigrants and Toronto transplants alike is its proximity to the Greater Toronto Area’s major international airport and metropolitan transit systems. The city also offers entertainment at the Rose Theatre, a recently constructed performing arts venue, several summer festivals, and diverse shopping opportunities in the downtown district and area shopping malls.

The OROGOLD Toronto Store
With over 50 ballet and dance companies, Toronto is Ontario’s central hub for the performing arts. Some of the city’s most well-known companies are Toronto Symphony Orchestra, National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Opera Company, and Canadian Stage Company. Along with Vancouver, the city has been nicknamed “Hollywood North” for its heavy patronage of the arts. Celebrities featured on Canada’s Walk of Fame include Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, and Eugene Levy.

For first-time visitors to Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum is a must. The museum is stunning not just for its curated content, which is exhibited in its various Natural History and World Culture galleries, but also its Deconstructivist crystalline architecture, designed by the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. Architecture buffs will be excited to know that the Crystal structure is made almost entirely of glass and aluminum, and that the new walls do not touch the existing walls of the older wings at all.

While you’re in Toronto, be sure to take a trip to the Gothic Revival castle, Casa Loma. With lush specialty gardens, underground tunnels, and purpose-built rooms, this architectural treasure has proved popular with the film industry. X-Men, Chicago, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World all shot scenes here, and the castle was also briefly disguised as Hogwarts for a Harry Potter premiere. Since 2014, vintage car enthusiasts have also been flocking to the Casa for its exhibition of early 20th-century cars in the garage and carriage room.

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