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The OROGOLD Malta Store
Like all other OROGOLD Stores across the world, the OROGOLD Store in Malta is famous for its opulent interiors, signature services and world-class products. A trip to the OROGOLD Malta store is an ideal way to rediscover your long lost beauty. Come to this luxurious skin care boutique and choose from a variety of gold based skin care products and collections that have been customized to suit the needs of your skin.

Address: 14, Bisazza St., Sliema, Malta

Contact No: 356-27444312

Store Hours: 09.00AM – 19.00PM (Monday – Saturday).


Malta Overview
maltaThe islands of Malta are home to beautiful prehistoric temples, enchanting cliffs and a diverse range of diving opportunities and attractions. The people of Malta are also known to be extremely warm and welcoming. You can find an array of Roman Catholic churches in the country, but this doesn’t take away anything from the beautiful mix of cultures that the country has to offer. Malta is also famous for having some of the best prehistoric sites in the world, including the world famous Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, a 5000-year old underground necropolis that certainly warrants a visit. The islands also have a history of savage warfare which makes them resonate an embattled feel, even in the peaceful times of today. The fortresses and walled cities along with a number of underground tunnels also ensure that you always have something or the other to look forward to whenever you visit the country.

The Maltese archipelago lies right in the midst of an unpolluted expanse of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea at a distance of approximately 60 miles from Sicily. The archipelago consists of three major islands, Comino (the smallest island in the archipelago), Malta (the main inhabited island) and Gozo (the second largest island), along with a number of uninhabited rocks. The island of Malta is the main travel destination in the area and is also famous for its beautiful sheltered coves, enchanting bays and harbors and rock beaches.

A trip to Malta is made unique by the island’s tiny size and the number of contrasts that the place throws at its travelers. Some of the oldest constructions of earth can be found besides humongous fortifications of the Medieval era and immense wealth also intermingles with a hard-working and simplistic rural lifestyle. Today, the islands of Malta are known for their cosmopolitan atmosphere and travelers can find all sorts of attractions here, whether they prefer a lively nightlife, luxury resorts, world class fashion or cuisines from all over the world.

The islands of Malta might have become extremely commercial, but Gozo still retains most of its old world charm, despite the developments that have taken place on the island. Those wanting to get away from civilization and live in the midst of natural beauty should find a weekend in Gozo to be incredibly amazing.

The islands are also blessed with some of the best weather in Europe. They enjoy an average of 5 hours of sunshine in the winters and 12 hours of sunshine in the summers. The annual temperature averages around 68°F and this alone remains to be one of the major draws of the islands. Some of the top activities found in Malta include diving, snorkeling and swimming. The seafood found here is also known to be amazing and trying out the local delicacies is a must. The countless wrecks that can be found all along the ocean floor also add a sense of romance and mystery to any Malta holiday.

Some of the main highlights of a trip to Malta include the Mnajdra Ancient Megalithic Temples, the Hypogeum, the secret tunnels of Casa Rocca Piccola, the old world atmosphere of Mdina Old Town, the world famous Blue Lagoon and the St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valetta.


OROGOLD Malta Store
Sliema is a small town located on the north-eastern coast of Malta. Considered to be one of the hottest tourist destinations in the region, it is famous as the main center for cafes, restaurants and shopping. A number of quality hotels and resorts can also be found here. For a shopping enthusiast, a trip to Sliema is unlike any other. The area is full of retail outlets and shopping centers that not only offer the very best world class brands, but also host some of the most unique local handicraft and artifact stores. Bisazza Street is the main shopping area in Sliema and it is also home to the OROGOLD Malta Store.

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