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The OROGOLD La Rambla Store, Barcelona
Conveniently located in the heart of Barcelona, this OROGOLD store offers the best of Spanish promenade and luxury skin care. Visit us today for exciting new deals and free product demonstrations by one of our skin care specialists.

Address: C/ Rambla, Catalunia 74, Barcelona, Spain 08007.

Contact No: 34 932 725 269

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 08.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.30AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD La Roca Village Store, Barcelona
This OROGOLD store is located at La Roca Village, the exciting meeting point between Costa Brava and Barcelona where shoppers from all around the world come to visit. Amid the seasonal sales and exclusive bargains, our quiet boutique setting offers a relaxing escape to the world of luxury skin care. Here’s where you can take a break and rejuvenate your skin before resuming your shopping bonanza.

Address: Santa Agnes de Malanyanes, La Roca del Valles, 08430, Barcelona, Spain

Contact No: 34 93 625 00 17

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 08.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.30AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

The OROGOLD Bulevard Rosa Store, Barcelona
The OROGOLD Bulevard Rosa Store is conveniently located within the hustle and bustle of some 100 stores. Why not take a break here and let the skin care specialists take care of you? Enjoy free product demonstrations and VIP facials with gold-infused skin care.

Address: Bulevard Rosa, Paseo de Gracia, 55, Barcelona, Spain 08007

Contact No:+ 34 934 883 281

Store Hours: 10.30AM – 09.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

The OROGOLD Madrid Store
During your afternoon siestas, what’s better than treating yourself to a little gold-infused skin care? This OROGOLD store exemplifies the modern vibe of Madrid without losing its laidback charm. Hop in today for a complimentary VIP facial with one of our skin care specialists here.

Address: Calle de Velázquez, 46, 28001 Recoletos Madrid, Spain

Contact No: 34 911 25 07 97

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 08.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.30AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

Customer Reviews: When you apply the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream for the first time, you feel your skin so fresh, moisturized, illuminated and soft like never before, and this same sensation grows every time you use it!” – Lourdes, an OROGOLD Customer in Madrid.

The OROGOLD Marbella Store
The OROGOLD Marbella store offers you a reprieve from the wild parties of sunny seaside Marbella. When you need to recharge your energies, OROGOLD is your perfect destination. Here, you can receive one-on-one consultations with our skin care specialists and experience luxury skin care for yourself.

Address: Centro Comercial La Cañada, Crta. de Ojen s/n, Marbella, 29600, Spain

Contact No: 34 952 862 716

Store Hours: 10.00AM – 08.00PM (Monday – Saturday).

11.30AM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

Customer Reviews: “I am happy I bought them   Still no regrets! No allergic reaction yet, and the packaging is very nice, they look great on my vanity!” – Heika D, Makeup and Healthy Living Addict in Marbella


Spain Overview

Panoramic view of Gran Via, Madrid, Spain.The idyllic beaches, beautiful countryside, enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spectacular islands, electric nightlife, exotic cuisines, an amazing collection of cathedral, medieval era constructions and world-class cultural attractions all play a huge role in making Spain one of the most sought after travel destinations in Europe.

The cities of Spain still offer tourists with a splendid reminder of its rich and artistic past, its powerful presence during the Middle Ages, its treasure trove of Moorish designs and historical Roman era remains. These cities have remained at the crossroads between North Africa and Europe for generations and they are international power houses to be reckoned with.

The people of Spain are famous for being extremely friendly and very proud of their rich heritage. There are all sorts of accommodation options to choose from in most major cities and you can readily choose between sprawling spa resorts and quality guest houses and inns. The overland transportation system is well-structured and modern. Spain also has a fast and efficient train and bus service that links most major cities to one another. Self drive is another option because of the country’s decent road condition, extensive expressways and delightful sceneries.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Spain is home to the second highest number of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. A trip to Spain virtually guarantees all sorts of natural beauty that you could possibly want – lakes, valleys, beaches, marshes, mountains, cliffs and volcanoes.

Adventure lovers can choose from all sorts of activities such as mountaineering, horseback riding, water sports, hiking, trekking, golf, and more. Culture vultures and art lovers would want to take a look at iconic museums like the Museo Nacional Del Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Museu Picasso, Guggenheim Museum and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Those looking for natural beauty are sure to be enthralled by the medieval city of Cuenca, Catalonia, Islas Atlanticas National Park and the Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park. Finally, history lovers would die to check out attractions like the Palacio Real, the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, Gaudi’s magnificent masterpieces and Granada’s Moorish Palace. For an entirely unique experience, don’t forget to check out the Pamplona bull running shows.

If you’re visiting the country for the first time, you should remember that it is easy to get addicted to all that it has to offer. Thousands of people have entered Spain as a beach holiday or a winter break, but have been hooked to sights and attractions that are entirely different – things like local fiestas, wild celebrations and alien-like architecture. Even in places that have been explored top to bottom, there are surprises and delights at each and every turn. And when exploring the country, don’t be surprised to find authentic bars and restaurants in the most touristed areas like the Costa del Sol.

Talking about cuisines and restaurants, the world looks at Spain for culinary inspiration. Spain is home to hundreds of Michelin starred restaurants and it also boasts of having some of the most internationally acclaimed chefs and unique restaurants in the world.

So, unless you plan to stay in Spain for months at a stretch, the ideal way to explore the country is to base yourself in one of its enchanting cities and enjoy the surrounding areas.


Barcelona Overview

Parc Guell, Barcelona - SpainBarcelona is home to almost 5 million people and another 5 million people visit this iconic city each year, thereby making Barcelona the 4th most touristed city in Europe. Yes, it might be hard for you to believe this, but Barcelona is very much a part of Spain. You might not see Spanish everywhere in the city because of the fact that it has its own language – Catalan – a language that is frustratingly similar to Spanish, but is entirely unique. The locals are also known to be fiercely loyal to their Catalan culture. And they can sometimes be at loggerheads with the rest of Spain for months at a stretch. In fact, their rivalries are known to surpass the one between two of the most iconic Spanish football clubs in the world – FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Barcelona ranks among one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world and it unfolds a delightful array of events, activities and sights. First time visitors in Barcelona will be enthralled by how fascinating Barcelona can be and tourists wanting a glimpse of Spain can also be rest assured that Barcelona has more than enough to offer. To sum up the city in one word would be to term Barcelona as unrealistic. It is just one of those whimsical, unique and fantasy-like destinations. No wonder historical greats like Gaudi and Dali called it their home. Talking about Gaudi, entering Gaudi’s Church of Sacred Family and Sagrada Familia is an experience unlike any other in the entire world. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to explore the delightful Tapas bars that are located all over the city or enjoy those flamboyant street shows all along the Las Ramblas.

Barcelona has all that you expect from an idyllic European city – outdoor markets, delightful cafes, enjoyable museums, historic architecture, shops and churches. It is one of the best cities for walking and also offers its visitors with a decent and far reaching Metro network. Most tours to Barcelona are focused around the Old City (Ciutat Vella) and the exotic beaches of Barcelona also ensure that there is never any shortage of sun and sand.

There is no bad time to visit the city. It is one of those year-round destinations. However, the weather is at its beautiful best from May – June and September – November. The city is also home to a number of exciting festivals and shows such as the Diada de Sant Jordi Festival, Festes de la Merce, Primavera Sound Festival and the Diada Nacional de Catalunya.

Like most European cities, the only way to explore Barcelona is to immerse yourself into its beautiful and historical neighborhoods. Each neighborhood reflects the history of the city and shows you traces of its modern Renaissance. Walking through these historical streets will take you into a world of unique galleries, exciting shops, hidden cafes and restaurants and unbelievable architecture.

Barcelona is also one of those very few cities where you can laze by a beautiful beach in the morning, check out exciting medieval era architecture in the afternoon, check out an assortment of Tapas bars in the evening and party through the night. Some of the best sights and attractions in Barcelona include the Sagrada Familia, Barri Gothic, Park  Guell, Montjuic, Mueu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Museu Picasso, Camp Nou and Las Ramblas.

The OROGOLD La Rambla Store in Barcelona 
Barcelona 7Las Ramblas is one of the most popular landmarks in Barcelona. It is the central boulevard which cuts the city into half and runs through its heart. Las Ramblas is one of the liveliest promenades in Europe and it is always full of tourists from all over the world. This street stretches for about 1.2kms, from Port Vell at the Southern End to Placa Catalunya at the Northern End. Las Ramblas is serviced by three metro stops – the Drassanes (near the Christopher Columbus memorial), Liceu (close to the Liceu Theater) and the Catalunya (on the northern tip of Las Ramblas).

This promenade offers tourists with all sorts of sights, attractions, stores, cafes and restaurants. It is also famous for the countless human statues that dot the promenade and numerous street artists who showcase their talents here. Some of the most popular statues in Las Ramblas are the Galileo Statue, Eagle Demon, and the White Painter. Other sights and attractions worth checking out include the La Boqueria Food Market, Erotica Museum and the Wax Museum. The most popular hotels in the area are the 1898 Hotel, Apolo Tryp Hotel, Colon Hotel, Duquesa De Cardona Hotel, Gotico Hotel and the Meridien Hotel.

Those looking for shopping opportunities along the Las Ramblas can explore shops like Carrefour, El Corte Inglés and Maremagnum. There are a number of restaurants and cafes all along the promenade as well. If you’re visiting the city for the first time, sitting on the Las Ramblas with a glass of Sangria in your hands is a must.

Finally, don’t forget to complete the perfect Las Ramblas experience by walking into the OROGOLD Store. The OROGOLD Store in Las Ramblas is one of the most luxurious stores in the area and it offers you access to signature treatments and products that can help your skin to look younger, radiant and smoother.

The OROGOLD La Roca Village Store in Barcelona
La Roca Village is an exciting destination located between Costa Brava and Barcelona. It is home to some of the best international brands that offer products at amazing prices. Whether you’re looking to drive a bargain or are a keen fashionista, the La Roca Village has more than enough to keep you entertained for hours. This exciting shopping destination offers you with exquisite Catalan architecture, beautiful tree-lined avenues, more than 100 luxury boutiques and unheard of discounts. Some of the most popular brands located here include Ralph Lauren, Lupo, Desigual, Guess, Custo Barcelona and Versace.

Apart from featuring high-end fashion labels, the La Roca Village offers an amazing selection of lifestyle stores, upscale restaurants, home furnishings and trendy cafes. The place also allows you to call upon the services of your own personal style consultant, a person who specializes in helping you choose the perfect outfit.

The OROGOLD La Roca Village Store is also located here. This store is among one of the most popular and most luxurious stores in La Roca Village and it is the perfect place for anyone looking for unique solutions for their skin, skin consultations or free OROGOLD product demonstrations.

The OROGOLD Bulevard Rosa Store in Barcelona
Bulevard Rosa is considered to be one of the most interesting arcades in Barcelona. Located in the midst of Eixample, Bulevard Rosa hosts more than 100 stores that offer a careful selection of some of the best products and services in Barcelona. The arcade has really made a name for itself in the world of fashion and has joined hands with a number of irresistible brands that always make shopping an exciting experience.

The OROGOLD Bulevard Rosa Store is also located here. The store is an ideal destination for men and women wanting access to opulent beauty treatments and solutions, skin consultations or complimentary OROGOLD product demonstrations.


Madrid Overview

little street in MadridYou can say what you like about Madrid, but you cannot deny the fact that Madrid is truly nocturnal. The energy and atmosphere of this city is such that you can find a huge queue for a cab even at 04.00AM. Madrid is also known to be one of the most European cities in Europe. From big name chefs to world famous fashion designers, from historical sites to an undulating nightlife, the city has seen and done everything. The famous afternoon siestas of Madrid might be losing out the modern crowd, but the locals are still known to be extremely proud and passionate about their culture and heritage.

A trip to Madrid cannot be complete without its exciting nightlife. Even though the bars and nightclubs close town earlier than usual, you can still be sure of finding a party atmosphere in the city throughout the day or night. If you’re really looking to enjoy and experience the energy that Madrilenos are famous for, all you need to do is visit the city when there’s an El Classico match in town. And once you’re tired of all the partying and socializing, you can enjoy some of the best architecture, culture, art and history in all of Europe.

The Spanish capital has plenty to offer for tourists with all budgets. World class destinations like the Museo del Prado, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Museu Thyssen-Bornemisza are likely to be a part of all tourist itineraries to Madrid, but the Michelin starred restaurants, amazing fashion labels, designer shops of Salamanca and historic cafes around Plaza Santa Ana also play a huge role in making a trip to Madrid truly special.

Being the financial and cultural hub of Southern Europe, there is much to see and do in Madrid. And since the place has been occupied by humans ever since the Great Roman era, you can also find all sorts of historical delights of the city. To make things even more special, Madrid offers some of the greenest parks and gardens in Spain.

And beyond this feel-good atmosphere lie a number of stunning plazas that offer front-row seats to those wanting to check out how the locals live and spend their time. Due to its location, Madrid enjoys the most number of sunny days in all of Western Europe. The city often experiences hot temperatures between the months of August – September and the winters can be quite cold as well. The ideal time to visit the city is between the months of March – May, a period when the temperatures are lower and the skies are clear.

Madrid can be broadly be divided into three areas – The Center, the Ensanche and the Periphery. The Center is the main attraction for tourists and it offers them with delights like the Gran Via, shopping, movie theaters, Plaza Mayor, restaurants, art galleries and museums. Ensanche is famous for its unique and upscale neighborhoods that showcase the high-end lifestyles of the city. The Periphery simply refers to the countless suburbs that surround this sprawling metropolis.

Irrespective of which area you plan to visit, Madrid is full of ancient churches, museums, cathedrals and exotic architecture. And beyond all the architecture and museums, beyond its beauty and energy, the city also showcases a delightful culture in the form of traditional flamenco shows, world famous film festivals, major music shows and bullfights.


Marbella Overview

Port in Puerto BanusIf you’re looking for something totally different while in Spain, head over to Marbella, that glitzy hotspot that is often favored by celebrities and the rich and elite. Marbella is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and it has managed to emerge from a small fisherman village to one of the best beach resort destinations in Europe. The best way to enter Marbella is to fly to the Malaga Airport. However, you still need to go through the ordeal of a 1.5 hour drive to reach this beach town.

The sun-drenched town of Marbella beautifully mixes historical Moorish occupation with modern day luxury resorts. The area’s family-oriented theme parks are a major draw and the sands of the world famous La Fontanilla beach ensure that there is no shortage of celebrities in the area. Marbella is also famous for offering its visitors with the traditional Andalusian charm, remnants of a 9th century fortress, beautiful orange trees and whitewashed buildings. In other words, a fantasy-like atmosphere!

This beach town has remained unrivaled as the go-to destination for the rich and famous of Spain for more than 60 years. From the charming Old Town to the glittering shores, from world famous resorts to postcard-worthy beaches, from Michelin-starred restaurants and non-stop partying to exclusive shopping, Marbella has it all.

Two things that you simply cannot miss out on while in Marbella are the Old Town & Orange Square and the Golden Mile. Marbella’s origin dates back to the year 1600 BC and the Old Town is an ideal place to explore historical sights. The Golden Mile is a 4 mile stretch between Puerto Banus and Marbella which is home to some of the most luxurious residences and landmark hotels in the world.

Marbella tourism took another surge after Michelle Obama graced the city with one of her daughters for a summer break. She was soon followed by a host of celebrities and travelers. What each of them rediscovered was nothing new. Marbella is as realistic as it gets. It is a place where the old world meets the new, a place where people watching is as delightful as checking out beautiful historic attractions.

Yes, there is ample of sun and sand, wild nightclubs, exotic fashion houses and beach bars to enjoy while in Marbella. But there is a host of wrought-iron wonders, rich tapestries, exquisite architecture and delightful cultural delights to explore.

The city’s touristic charm is further boosted by its mild and comfortable climate that allows for year-round exploration. Rain is mostly limited to the winter months and temperatures rarely venture to the extremes. The ideal time to visit the city is between the months of February to May, a period when those spring flowers begin to bloom and transform this idyllic beach town into one of the most breathtaking destinations in Europe.

Marbella might be the biggest attraction in Costa del Sol, but take some time out to explore ancient villages like Mijas, the Benhavis Mountains and Gibraltar, home to the world famous rock and the numerous monkeys who live there.  And don’t forget. Having your own rental car is often the best way of exploring Marbella.

The OROGOLD Marbella Store
The Centro Comercial La Cañada, also known as the La Canada Shopping Center, is one of the most exciting Marbella destinations for shoppers and tourists alike. It is the largest shopping center in Costa Del Sol and it hosts more than 150 stores that cater all your personal needs. The Centro Comercial La Cañada is located on the Marbella bypass and it offers ample of parking as well.

Apart from offering you with a peaceful and relaxed shopping experience, the Centro Comercial La Cañada also has a number of restaurants, entertainment activities and movie screens. Services like travel agents, dress makers, shoe repairs and key cutting can also be found here. Finally, the Mega Bowling at La Canada completes your perfect trip by offering you with fantastic bowling lanes, pool tables, amusement arcades, big screen for sports, a bar and a restaurant. Oh, that’s not the end. La Canada also has the 8-screen Cinesa Cinema Complex.

Some of the most popular brands located here include Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Soho Fashion, Benetton, Cache Shoes, Pepe, Capri Shoes, Lee, S’fera, Woman’s Secret, CASA, Habitat, Latelier, Swatch and Golf USA. McDonalds, Burger King, Tapas, Canas, Terrasana and El Piave are the most popular restaurants at the Centro Comercial La Cañada.

The OROGOLD Marbella Store is also located here. Our OROGOLD Marbella Store offers you with all that you could possibly want from a skin care boutique. It is beautiful, luxurious, opulent and exciting. It also offers you with access to signature ORO GOLD products and services.

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